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Monday, May 23, 2011

Milky magic.

Everyone knows milk is good for you. And not just for your digestion and health, it's great for nourishing your skin too. Yes, I'm talking about milk baths.

In the likes of famous royalty icons such as Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth of England and also Queen Elisabeth of Bavaria - milk baths are what keeps their skin soft, smooth and well-nourished. What was once enjoyed by only the rich & powerful can now be enjoyed by practically anyone.

The reasoning behind the goodness of milk baths are the lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid along with the natural fats & vitamins in milk which moisturizes the skin and dissolves the proteins that hold together dead skin cells to allow the fresher, smoother skin beneath to surface.

Of course it doesn't mean that you should fill your entire bathtub with fresh milk, bathe in it and waste it all down the drain. Just a cup or two will suffice. You won't even need fresh-from-the-udder milk to benefit from the milk's goodness (how often do we come across a cow in the city?) Pasteurized or powdered milk works just as well. Here's a tried & tested recipe for a great, moisturizing milk bath experience.

3 cups powdered milk with 2 cups water OR 3 cups of pasteurized milk

1/2 cup liquid honey
2-3 drops essential oil (lavender, chamomile, rose, etc)

Drench yourself or soak yourself in this mixture for softer, smoother skin.
Don't forget to wash it all off with water and apply body lotion right after. Milk baths allow body lotion to absorb more easily into your skin. :)

I hear that milk works wonders for your face too. 

Give it a go and see how well it works out for you. I've tried yogurt as well and it doesn't work as well as milk however, it is pretty soothing since yogurt is creamier and stays onto you better compared to milk.

Enjoy your white bath!


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  1. lovely one again mish.i wanna share something as well.i use yogurt to treat blister sustained from heat and the healing process is quick. i apply yogurt mix with fine chopped cucumber for face soothing bofore sleep.work wonders.

  2.  Yeah that works, my mom used to do that with aloe vera instead of cucumber. Proven effectiveness. :)


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