Frequently Asked Questions

What's your nationality?
I get this question a lot due to my lack-of-fluency in the Chinese-language department. I'm Malaysian and yes, I'm Chinese, born & bred here but without my mother tongue hard-wired into my brain. I can catch a phrase or two in a couple of dialects but other than that, I speak purely in English most of the time, but my secondary language, Malay, is still pretty good despite my lack of practice.

What sort of designer are you?
In my day job, I'm a graphic designer – currently working for a magazine publication. You may view some of my work achievements here. By night, I am sometimes an artist who dabbles in ink and watercolors, and a little bit of amateur photography. Check out some of my work here.

I've seen your art on your portfolio, are they for sale?
Yes they are! I've already created a Shop section on this blog where you can view my art, most are for sale in print form and also as canvas mounts. If you are interested in originals, you can always enquire within.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I love to write. I love to edit photos. I love to create interesting material and show the world what I can do. I also enjoy the prospects of meeting new people and working with advertisers. I love my sponsors and what I am able to do (through blogging), to reward them for their generosity. It's a whole package, and if this could be my official, one-and-only job, I would do it every second of the day.

Are all the food featured on your blog really made by you?
Yes they are. Everything under the kitchen adventures category is made solely by me. The recipes I used for all of them are modified & combined recipes from my extensive online research.

What kind of reviews do you accept?
Basically almost anything, I'm all for trying new things. I've done beauty products, spas, detox, food and beverages, jewelry – stuff like that. However, I'd usually prefer trying out products before I do a write-up, I have turned down advertorials which require me to write based on a press kit/media release especially for beauty/skincare products (in exception of brands whom I've worked with before). It doesn't make sense to write based on an imaginary cleanser or moisturizer. It is called a 'review' for a reason.

I'm an advertiser, can I purchase an ad-space on your blog?
Based on my blog's aesthetics, your ads need to fit my layout & design before I can approve it. I also do other forms of advertising; like write-ups and product reviews, so do get in touch via e-mail and we'll sort something out.

How about guest posts?
I've not had any guest posts yet, but interested parties can certainly e-mail me for prospects on guest blogging either way.

Can I be your sponsor or affiliate?
Yes you can! But first, drop me an e-mail and we can work out the kinks. I, however do not endorse products related to smoking, animal fur or any other endangered animal byproducts, sharks fin, money-making schemes, narcotics and so on. Approval would be at my discretion.

Do you do freelance designs?
Yes I do, but only if it doesn't involve pink unicorns, sparkles & Justin Bieber.

Will you design my tattoo?
I had done one for a friend's client in the past, and I design my own tattoos, so yes I will consider it if you ask nicely.

Have more burning questions to ask? Email me or leave a comment. Life is short, don't be a stranger.

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