"Even felines have phobias"

Monday, July 06, 2009

Took Lord Fatty to the vet for his annual jabs and deworming.

They weighed him and that fat one is approxmiately 6 kilograms heavy.
That's about the weight of a small dog, or even an average human baby.
So basically we gotta moderate his food and give him a detox if needed.
(UGH i can imagine all that sick-smelling crap that's gonna be coming out)

Right after he had his jabs & deworming pill (traumatizing experience), he is kinda in a zombie mode. Sleeps alot (more than usual) and walks around sluggishly, not much fun to poke fun at anymore. :(

It could be the after effects of the meds, im not sure.
Im hoping a small dose of catnip would bring back the sparks into my little monster kitty.

Until then, this is what he will be doing on the sofa all day long.

Yeap, snoozing his little heart out.

Mom even bought him a cute tie-dye collar for him with a gold bell attached.
Pink looks good on him, my mini metrosexual kitty. XD

NO amount of prodding, poking, shoving, shouting, shaking, tickling would be able to wake him up. This part of the sofa is his turf.

Gahh, i think i have spaghetti overdose.
I should really lay off the carbs.


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