"eco-friendly is the new so-called trend"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Being eco-friendly is always good.
It's a pretty refreshing idea a while back, but now i think it's sort of shitty.

Don't get me wrong, i am not a mother nature destroyer and i do support eco-causes.

It's just that i think that eco-friendly is something that has become a 'trend' instead of being something about 'doing our part' (literally, and not just being said as a mere tagline).
That said, this 'trend' has sprouted a whole lot of hypocrites.

And how these hypocrites are identified?
They talk a whole load of crap about saving the environment in a way that really makes you think they care, and then they end by asking you to buy a certain 'product' that would definitely make the world a better place.
Yes, im talking about money-making cash-outs who most likely wouldnt even give a shit about the environment. The only greens they care about are the greens in your wallet.

They are the same people who are gleefully taking advantage of all the merry holidays, producing a whole load of crap we dont even need but very cunningly convinces us that we need those things.
It's these people who demeans the true meaning of Christmas, made Valentines Day the most expensive day ever (considering it's not even a holiday), and the list goes on.

So yeah, it's damn annoying when these people claim to care about the environment so much, and yet sell you products that they almost always claim to be helping the environment.
In truth, some products do contribute in helping the environment in the long term.
It's the people who sell you these that are throwing the usefulness of their products out of balance.

For example, eco-friendly bags are everywhere now in Malaysia (when Canada had them like aeons ago).
Yes, these bags do reduce the use and wastage of plastic bags, clogging of rivers and so on.

Remember the salesman who sold you this bag?

Well, he smokes, he uses his home air-conditioning 24/7, he drives everywhere and never walks, he uses 5 cans of aerosol bug-spray a week to rid his home of bugs, he forgets to turn the tap off everytime he pauses to brush his teeth, he almost always leave the lights on at home, and the list goes on.

So if mother nature gets a star each time he sells an eco-friendly bag, 2 stars are taken down for each of his misdemeanours.
Which leaves the environment with negative stars in the end. Unless he's able to sell about 100 eco-friendly bags per day to make up for his daily misdemeanours, which i highly doubt.
After all, how many eco-friendly bags does a person need to own? The point of that bag is so that you can re-use it over and over again for at least 3 months minimum.

Plus, that is not taking into account the other million people who absolutely do not give a fuck about the environment, which is more than half of the population here.

A very pro-nature and noble trend, which unfortunately is absolutely useless.
I hate to admit it, but it's true.
That is why our country is in the middle of a fricking HOT heat wave.

However, it's still nice to see that eventhough the odds for mother nature is pretty bleak, there are still genuine people who are out there generating new ideas to help balance out everyone's misdemeanours.
Here's one that i really like. :)

Michigan company Boxed Water is Better recently launched their product in their home state, and has since made a splash around the country. While most Americans buy bottled water (which are made with PET, a material that does contain recycled content), only fourteen percent of those bottles find themselves being recycled. Boxed water is not only more efficient to transport (two pallets of boxed water is equal to five truckloads of leftover plastic bottles to transport), but cuts down on carbon dioxide, which is emitted when destroying plastic bottles. While Boxed Water Is Better is only available in Michigan, the company is planning to expand, and with it will come an annual donation of twenty percent of their profits to water programs worldwide.

I really like their site introduction:
Part sustainable water company, part art project, part philanthropic project, and completely curious. Boxed Water Is Better, is a boxed water company.

You can learn more about their efforts at:



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