"why you should not count calories"

Thursday, March 06, 2014

They say in weight loss, you need to count your calories. There are people who even keep a journal to keep track of what they're eating. While that is helpful, think again.. do we really need to count calories of everything that goes into our mouths?

How calorie counting works is like this. You have to first know what are your daily caloric needs. You can find out by using a calorie calculator to determine a rough idea of how much you need in a day. Then the site will tell you how much calories you need to maintain your weight, to lose some weight, or even for extreme weight loss. 

To be really honest, that doesn't sound very healthy to me. And it's also taxing to keep calculating calories from everything you eat all day long. Who has the time to keep track?! Unless you're bumming at home all day everyday, no normal person have proper time to track calories in the long term.

The site also provides low calorie meal plans that people can follow, to eliminate having to count calories when they've already counted for you. I checked out the 110-calorie meal plans, and they include stuff like waffles, butter, maple syrup, etc. They even have a diet soft drink included in the plan, saying that it has ZERO calories? What a load of bull. Water has zero calories, not soda!

But let's just say, IF soda does have zero calories..

It's pretty obvious that a naturally blended orange-carrot-lime juice is better for you, despite containing 170 calories – as compared to a chemically engineered zero calories in soda. For proper understanding of dieting, please refer here.

What people need to understand is that calories play a small role in any weight loss programs. It's not how much calories you consume, it's WHAT you consume.

"Counting calories becomes completely unnecessary 
when your food doesn't have labels."

The key here is very simple. Consume whole, natural food. Stuff that doesn't have labels on them, which are your standard market items like fish, veggies, fruits, chicken, etc.

Stuff that has labels? Processed food – frozen sausages, instant pizzas, instant noodles, cream bread rolls, etc.

Here's an example of food made with natural ingredients.

And here's an example of processed food with only 100 calories!

So, if you still think counting calories is a necessity, think again. That healthy chicken salad is about 130 calories, but it's still healthier than these 100 calorie snack packs.

For your body, and for your health; do the right thing.

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