Tuesday, March 04, 2014

ARM:SWAG / noun
Definition: Currently trending as arm accessories worn by girls who share their Instagrams of them with the world. But originally, armswag was a man bracelet - worn by men who rocked, not girls who glittered. Worn by men who wanted extra edge and knew how to get it. They're made by proper man tools, they're tough and they are as legendary as the men who have rocked them.

I think as the world evolves, so does the generation of people in it. You can't not change with the tides, just like how you can't not float away with the waves. You can fight it – but you cannot fight it for everyone else. (Maybe that's what hipsters are for?)

In my #ARMSWAG shots, I always feature more or less the same items because I treasure all my jewelry very much. Especially my watch, it's a gift from my mother. :) I purchase all my jewelry from various sources, from the internet to proper jewelry shops, to thrift stores.

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