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Saturday, November 29, 2008

As she awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, she found herself transformed into a siamese fighting fish.

And here she thought it was impossible to own the whole world.
But right now, she owned a world to herself. All alone.
And she was happy for a while, pondering on that delicious thought.
Then it dwelled on her, what is the point of having everything in the world, when you're gonna be alone to enjoy it?
Yes, she is beautiful now with all those multi colored scales on her fishy dress, but who's there to see or appreciate it?

And then she realized; shit, im stuck in a world in a crystal glass bowl with nothing but stale rocks.
Frantically she swims around and around looking for a way out. But there was none.
A mental observation told her that in this new world, she can travel around the world in just a mere 5 seconds.
No more planes and trains and crowded economy seats?
She hated public transports in the past, but as of now she'd give anything just to sit in those moldy economy seats again.
She screamed in frustration, but to her horror, no sound came out.
Only bubbles. A whole school of bubbles.
Bubbles which gently floated past her face upwards like helium balloons.

She looked up and the idea struck her.
She could jump out of the bowl and... plan something from there.
She may be a fish but she still remembers how to breathe like a human. No way she would die out of water, there's no way.
Fishes only die because they do not know the principle of inhaling and exhaling.
All they do is just swim around and let those oxygen bubbles move into their lungs.
Fishes know shit about breathing. But not her.
She was a fish who was once human.

Spruced by confidence, she wiggled her fins and her swishy tail and prepared to jump.
Pushing herself forward, she flung herself sideways like how those high-bar jump athletes did in the Olympics.
Funny thing is, what happens underwater and above water are entirely different things.
Instead of being propelled upwards gracefully like those athletes, she found herself spinning dizzily sideways and upside down.
No wonder they say fishes have no creativity, she thought. You cant do anything underwater.

How the hell is she going to escape?

*to be continued because I woke up*

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