Why I've Been So Quiet

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hey guys (if you're all still there)..

Sorry for not blogging as much, I have been overly busy and for the last few weeks, my blog was blocked because Google apparently thinks my blog is a bot! So I couldn't post a single thing!!

Well, now that's fixed. I promise I am coming up with more posts (soon) especially the travel ones which are way overdue. I also have a few event posts that were back-logged at the moment, so I'm working my bestest to get it all out, like taking a particularly hard dump. Sorry for the crude image. #sorrynotsorry

As some of you already guessed, I have left my 5-year stint at The Peak magazine and I'm currently pursuing copywriting with another company. Things are still shifting and changing and I am still undecided about my current path so in the mean time, I'm sorting it out as best as I can. Please send me loads of GOOD VIBES!!

Times are hard. Our ringgit is losing its value and people are not so keen on hiring much since the GST implementation in April this year. The Bersih rally happened and I was there on the last night with my family and Panda in tow too. Nothing happened – it was as they say, a peaceful rally. We walked, we listened to speeches and we ate some pretty good food. Saw some interesting statements and costumes worn/carried by some of the Bersih participants as well.

I have my mom & grandma's birthday coming up the week after, so it's going to be a full-fledged family thing on the 16th, as well as the following weekend. Oh, and I have a Run For Peace to attend again this year, which I duly attend every year because my best friend's family are from the SGM (Sokka Gakkai Malaysia) community.

If you are with me on Instagram, you probably would have seen how my beloved Jawbone UP24 died on me.. The one thing I loved so much and wore night and day with me, only taking it off for showers or swimming. Well, I still had my 1-year warranty, thank god, and they gave me a brand-spanking-new UP2 as a replacement. I love the new design and the latest App that goes with it too! So much faster than the old one. I will write a review for this, in say, 2 weeks' time.

Oh, last weekend I built Bacon the guinea pig his brand new C&C cage too. The two Cs stand for Cube & Coroplast – which mainly refers to metal frames, like the kind you buy from Daiso, and coroplast which is corrugated plastic boards. With those we made a fully customisable, larger and open concept cage for the guinea pig. He turned 1 on 1st Sept, so I believe he deserves a new and bigger home (which I wish I have too!).

I think that's all I have to tell you for now, as far as updates go. Watch this space as I try to churn out all my posts as fast as I can. Take care!

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  1. I never knew google would block a blog if it's a bot. Hahaha, somehow that actually rhymed.


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