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Monday, May 27, 2013

Warning, very angry and wordy post ahead.

So, I don't ever really rant much anymore, but I've been receiving personal attacks from some 'anonymous' someone on my Fitblr. The insults came to me in my 'Ask Me' inbox, and I usually just delete unrelated or spam messages on a daily basis. But this anonymous person have been posting a few insults every few days, very similarly written in style, which leads me to think it's all one person's doing.

Not that I'm being judgmental here, but I am guessing that this person is someone who is FAT. I could have said overweight but she has spewed so much insult towards me that I can't be bothered to type 7 extra letters just to spare her feelings. She doesn't deserve it. I refer to a she, because from some of the insults (that will be quoted below), I deduce that it is definitely a girl who's doing this. One who is not only fat, but lazy and sour with a very low self-esteem.

If you're not acquainted with Tumblr, you should know that questions directed to your ask box will appear in your Tumblr inbox. You then have a choice of replying it via publish (which will then post the question onto your blog), reply it privately (which will not be posted on your blog publicly, but instead, delivered to the asker's inbox) or you can delete it. However, when you're an anonymous asker, there's no inbox to deliver to and hence I can either publish it, or trash it.

I chose to trash insults because why should I mar my Fitblr, which has over 900+ followers and counting, to deal with one rude person? But because of this incessant insulter, I have decided to talk about it here. I need to get this off my chest.

First off, my fitblr is dedicated to fitness and motivation and eating healthy. I share some of what I've written here under my fitness section, and I reblog inspiring photos or quotes from other fitblrs. All of this started when I reblogged a photo with a quote that goes something like this:

"Change your label from fat to fit."

The photo was of a chubby (but not fat) girl working out with a slim and fit friend. And it depicted the slim girl helping her chubby friend with her push-ups. Isn't that nice? Isn't that what we all would like? A friend who knows everything about getting fit and healthy and is helping YOU achieve that too?

But Miss Anonymous (I'm going to call her Miss A) thinks it's rude and insulting to fat people all over the world. Here's what she first said to me:

"So you think FAT people are not good enough for you? You need to label us and then want us to change those labels for your sake? Are we so much of an eyesore to you? People like you and all your fitblr buddies on Tumblr make me sick."

Those were her exact words. I may have deleted all her rude remarks but not before saving the things she wrote. Somehow my sixth sense had a hunch about this person and told me to save them, just in case. My hunch was right.

First off, how is that meant to be insulting? There's nothing implying that fat people are not good enough. It was meant to encourage people who want to get fit. If you want to stay fat, then stay fat! Who's forcing you to change? No mention of "fat people being an eyesore" either, but if you think you're an eyesore Miss A, you probably are. And the reason wouldn't be because you're fat.

Next post I posted up, about 3 days later:

"Funeral for your fat"

Again, it's a phrase that's very commonly used by fitness instructors, and on countless of other fitblrs. The photo accompanying this was just a sweaty girl in a sports bra. So why did she pick ME & MY BLOG to harp on? This was what Miss A said to me:

"Wow, you really do hate fat people. First you label us as fat and now you want to hold a funeral for us. That's just great. You're so caring.. Hypocrite."

Excuse me?! WTF are you talking about? Did you see how she just decided to twist a simple phrase and make it sound like I offended her and everyone else who's fat? Because she used the term 'us' instead of 'me'. Who are you to speak for everyone else?

Why are you so sensitive, Miss A? I DO NOT hate fat people. I have friends, aunts and uncles who are fat, does this mean I hate them too? No, I don't. My fitblr is simply a place for inspiration for others and myself. I'm working on my own fitness too. I care for my body, and I also care for people who actually WANT to get better and fitter. How does that make me a hypocrite?

I do not hate fat people. But I cannot stand fat people who are self-righteous.

"You're so shallow and vain. You think looks are everything? I don't need YOU to tell us all how to live our lives and what to eat. I'm happy with being heavy n curvy in a way you can never be. I can eat freely while you never can and I sleep better at night just thinking that."

Yes, yes. I am shallow and vain. Why? Because I like to look good and be healthy and work hard for my body's health and looks. Yes, I am shallow because those are my priorities, and I think it's alright. I want to be pretty and look good in the clothes I wear.

You on the other hand, do not bother about your body or health at all - and you make it sound so commendable. Yes, you have a choice to live and eat whatever you want. You can gobble down fifty boxes of Dunkin Donuts and watch Jersey Shore all day long for all I care. Am I judging or bugging you about it? Did I tell you that you can't do that? NO. Because I don't care, and I can't bother to care for someone who OBVIOUSLY doesn't care about themselves. SO, WHY ARE YOU HARASSING ME? You have your priorities and I have mine, so let me be vain all I want and I will let you be fat and oily in peace, deal?

She doesn't stop there.

"You know, real men don't like women who eat salads all the time. Real women eat meat and carbs and not just celery sticks."

Here she's referring to the 'healthy food' posts on my fitblr, but I can assure you not everything are salads. There's a mix of salads, fruits, salmon, oats, grilled chicken and even beef fajitas. I don't even have any photos of celery sticks posted, because I dislike celery. Who said anything about eating salads all the time?! I eat meat and carbs too you know. If you follow my Instagram, you would have seen all the ice-cream, steak, sushi, and fries photos. I eat those, but I just don't BINGE on them all the time.

So you think REAL men only like women who eat what - pizza, spaghetti and milkshakes for every meal? Is that something to be proud of? Excuse me, but since when is having ZERO SELF-CONTROL something to be proud of? It's a disorder called over-eating. Maybe you should see a shrink.

"All of you fitblrs just want to look skinny and post skinny-looking photos on your tumblr for self-glorification. Disgusting."

And here she goes again. It's not skinny per se, it's called being fit. I do not post anorexic or bulimic photos on my fitblr, neither do I condone such behavior. I also do not condone over-eating.

Let's talk about self-glorification. Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook. Any photo you post of yourself, looking nice or good (no one would post ugly photos of themselves anyways) is already a form of self-glorification. And why not if it makes you feel good. People in general like to see nice things, and seeing good-looking people makes me happy and motivated to better myself. What is wrong with wanting to make yourself look good for your own(and others) benefit?

You know what's disgusting? Not fat people. But people like you who act as though everyone should not strive to look good, but be just like you - eating mindlessly and not bothering to make yourself look good - and later on insulting other people who post photos of themselves looking great and working hard to look that way. YOUR ATTITUDE IS DISGUSTING.

Most of the things she posted in have no relations to anything, except to glorify herself as a person who is comfortable in her own skin and she does not live to please or judge others.


You clearly stereotyped people as 'fat' 'skinny' 'real mean' 'real women' 'self-glorified people' in all your comments. You're just a self-righteous person who now I assume is not only FAT, but lazy, bitter, a coward (anonymous, hah!), and always making excuses for how you look like - to make yourself feel better, maybe? You also enjoy 'judging' others because there is nothing pleasing about you.

I don't know who you are, I don't know how you look like - but I DO KNOW that with your attitude, you can't be a very pleasant or likeable person. And I feel sorry for you. No, not because you're fat. But because you're so close minded that you can't even see the beauty of what other fitblrs and myself are doing for the majority - people who want to feel good by making themselves better.

If you can't see that, then I'm sorry. But I'm not sorry for all the things I've said here. And I'm not sorry to say that I'll go back to ignoring you after this post. Enjoy your few minutes of attention.

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  1. Haters gonna hate, midget. You be awesome inside out and you know it :)



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