Real Moolah: Get Cashbacks When You Travel With Expedia

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Travel is a big thing for me, as you can tell from my blog. From Australia to London, my travels have always costed quite a bundle of money – my returns for spending so much usually comes in the form of points from these airlines and hotel booking sites. Points are mostly pointless, unless you have an accumulation of at least 100,000 points.

What if I told you that you can now book your travels, and get your cash backs in cold, hard CASH? 

Not kidding here. I just found out that ShopBack generates cashbacks in actual ringgits that are deposited into your account once you have made a legit purchase as quickly as 1 day after! Percentages/values of cash rebates are based on the current offering of each brand, which are listed on the links to the respective websites plus some discounts too.

To date, ShopBack has generated about over a million ringgit worth of cash rebates for enthusiastic shoppers and travellers. It's no wonder that they're the leading cashback and discount shopping site in Malaysia. I mean, who wouldn't want to reap the rewards of their online expenditure, am I right?

I book most of my travels with Expedia (flight + hotel).  One good example was my trip to Japan where the entire trip was booked at such an amazing deal. Well, at the time, I thought it was amazing but now, since their collaboration with ShopBack, I have found loads of great discounted coupons on Expedia, on top of high cashback percentages. If I had discovered ShopBack then, I would have been able to save a lot more from that trip (and probably bought a lot more Jagabee snacks home).

But it's great that I can now plan ahead for my future trips (can anyone shout Tokyo & San Francisco??) and receive my cashbacks too. Malaysian travellers can really use that extra cashback, with the state of our currency right now..

Easy, just sign up at Shopback! You MUST be logged in to your ShopBack account to be eligible for cashbacks. You must also select your chosen merchant from the site itself before you begin shopping. From the site's main page, you will be able to see and access various brands by category – from travel to fashion and electronics. Just pick what you want – I'm picking Expedia to plan my flights to Tokyo – and a message will come out to inform you about the cashback rates that are available.

As you can see, there are different rates based on what you are looking to purchase, so be sure to make note of this before you make your purchase. That way you can get an accurate estimate of your total savings. Simple, huh?

Now go get shopping! Time to get the best deals and book your next travel adventure today!

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