"please keep your secondhand smoke to yourself"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before you go "oh here goes another smoker-hating post", please let me clarify that I have smoker friends whom I hang out with and like. I have uncles who are smokers too. Even my dad is a smoker (currently in the process of stopping), so please don't make this sound like I'm being judgemental.

I'm okay with smokers. What you do with your lungs is none of my concern (unless I'm dating you of course - because no decent girl likes kissing an ashtray. Neither do I want to spend our entire lives worrying about you getting lung cancer.)

What I'm not okay with are inconsiderate smokers.

How many times have I walked around outdoors, enjoying the occasional winds on a cloudy day, when suddenly a whiff of smelly secondhand smoke invades my space. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW ANNOYING THAT IS?

Roadside smokers littering the pavements with the ciggie butts and polluting the air with their secondhand smoke. Worse still, some of them are dads with young toddlers or babies in their arms, and there they are, smoking as though nothing's amiss. HELLO? Are you plain dumb to not realize you have a toddler in your arms?! Seeing people like that just makes me so mad. Yes it's bad for the baby, and it is also bad for everyone else who's walking past you, moron!


In this country where a majority of smokers are a bunch of inconsiderate & smelly people, there's no way that this should be okay. That they are tainting our breathing space with their inconsiderate behavior. Not to mention littering our environment and worse still, tossing butts out of their car windows. And yet, people just can't be bothered to rectify the issue. And by 'people' I mean the government and its health department - because imposing stricter laws would make a difference.

The only steps being taken are to place horrid photoshopped photos on cigarette boxes and ugly banners ruining our city's aesthetics, and annoying radio ads. Would that make a smoker stop, and think twice? The answer is, NO.

People who smoke don't generally think long-term. They don't think about the lung cancer they will eventually get, or about how they could possibly develop erectile dysfunction. They only think about how cool it is to smoke (giving in to peer pressure; smoking doesn't make you cool, sorry) or that they need it to release stress (dumbest excuse ever made) or perhaps they want to impress some chicks (dumbest move in the history of mankind). I don't know what, but each of you have your own reasons, none which are beneficial in any way.

Think it makes you more socially acceptable? You may think so. Let me tell you something.

The only people who are okay with smokers are other smokers.

The rest of us are NOT. But we only put up with you because you're our friend, relative, lover, etc. I may like you, but would have probably liked you more if you do not smoke.

Who wants a friend who smokes at the table while we're eating? How super inconsiderate is that? When you spoil my appetite with a dumbass move like that, I make it a point to not invite you out for lunch anymore. Maybe I'll see you at another gathering that does not involve eating with you.

One of my major pet peeves are people who smoke in the car. Once, a friend of mine asked if he could smoke, while I was driving. He wants to smoke, IN MY CAR! Took out his cigarette pack as though I already said yes and didn't even make a point to at least wind down the window. I told him off before he could even light it up and that was the last I ever saw of him because he responded that I was uncool. How is it uncool when I don't allow a person to smoke IN MY CAR? Where's the logic in that? No, I do not need inconsiderate (and outright rude) people in my life. Please suffocate someone else with your cancerous-smoke in their car. (I found out that he still doesn't own a car. But enjoys polluting other people's car with his smoking habits.) Is that the kind of friend you want?

Most people won't say this out (from fear of insulting someone) but smokers stink. 

Your clothes smell, your breath especially stinks like a dying rodent. It's something that no amount of cologne could ever cover-up. I'm sorry, but it's true.

I can almost always tell whenever someone is a smoker. From their teeth (yellow, eww), smell and fidgeting. People who smoke a lot can't sit still without fidgeting with something, or need to be excused from time to time for a cigarette break. Again, most of us won't tell you that you stink because you're a friend/relative, but from the bottom of my heart, you do.

You are inconsiderate - because you assume the rest of us enjoy having our air polluted by your secondhand smoke. 

We hate it. But most of us are just being polite. And because we can't care less if you get lung cancer, we just don't want to be affected by your nasty habit.

Plus, I cannot believe that there are people who try to sneak a smoke in air-conditioned shopping malls. Shows your poor upbringing. Smoking in public toilets is already low, but when you smoke in an indoor, air-conditioned room, you're lower than the germs between my toes. If you can't even bother walking outside to smoke, then don't smoke! Idiot.

Because your mom will secretly loathe your smoker boyfriend/girlfriend, so no matter how hard they try, all their efforts will be futile.

Unless your mom is a smoker herself, then refer to first point. No parent wants their kids to date/marry someone who can potentially bring harm to their children's health, otherwise might as well let them start the habit from age 12, right? Self-explanatory.

You will NOT be the first choice, sorry.

For example, if I got free tickets to a trip to Disneyland and I could extend it to one more person - who would I pick if I have two best friends? One smokes and one doesn't. Of course, I'll pick the one who doesn't smoke. Because I know I won't have to waste time waiting for her to finish up her ciggie, nor do I need to worry about being polite and not having to gag each time she opens her mouth (because she wouldn't have smoker's breath).

In any case, I wouldn't think of going on holiday with people who smoke. Why waste my holiday time and become a health hazard to me? Is that what friends do for friends?

When you're a smoker, you smell funny down there.

Deny it all you want, you know it's true. Your poor partner must be secretly gasping for air or choking down some strong mouth-wash right after. Not so peachy to be in that sort of situation.

It's a choice at the end of the day. You may stop one day, but by then it might be too late. You might have stopped for someone you love. Or for health and vanity reasons. Or maybe you don't want your kids to see you as a 'loser'. Whatever your reason is, I applaud you for wanting to stop.

If you don't want to stop however, that's fine by me as well. Just be considerate. Smoke away from everyone else (except your fellow smoker friends), don't smoke at the table and please just keep some breath mints and odor-spray with you. Much appreciated.

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