"meat-eaters VS veggie-eaters"

Monday, June 17, 2013

It's becoming a new trend, this meat-free lifestyle. But somehow, as many vegan converters there are out there, veggies alone isn't enough to convince the rest of us to give up meat.

Having been hounded by friends/acquaintances/strangers who are now vegan, I have to say I'm sick of all this 'meat is murder' or 'veganism is life' propaganda they're hurling at me, especially after my recent take on a series of personal artworks called The Meat Series.

Eating meat is cruel, they say.

Yes, I agree. It is cruel. Slaughterhouses are a horror fest for any animal lined up to enter. I feel bad for these animals. But I enjoy my meat too much. And the least you could do for these slaughtered animals is to not let their meat go to waste, right?

After all, eating meat is a way of life. Even if humans stop eating meat, do you think these animals will live a life without being eaten? No. They would still be meat for natural predators like lions and tigers, as they always had been.

Which is worse you tell me: being killed on the spot with a chopping knife OR running away from a predator only to lose, and stay alive for the last few seconds of your life watching (and feeling) yourself getting eaten by sharp teeth? No animal or person grows up thinking of how they want to die. If it happens, it happens. However if anyone had the chance to choose, I'd choose to die instantly rather than to be mauled to death by teeth and claws.

It's not that I have a problem with vegans, I really don't. But I cannot believe just how many of them are so damn self-righteous that they have to come up to me and preach about me being a cruel person for eating meat. Honestly, leave me alone because I can't care less. But they didn't. After observing these so-called converted vegans, I draw my own conclusions as to why they converted, and why they are so hell-bent on converting everyone else.

***Please note that this is directed to preachy, self-righteous vegan converts. Not people who are vegan by religious beliefs or health reasons.

How much of their 'veganism' has to do with feeling bad for the animals, I don't know. Because for me, as much as I feel bad for orphans, for example, I'm only human (and humans are naturally self-centered) and would rather focus on my life than to constantly feel bad for the orphans. Would I feel bad enough that I would make it my sole purpose in life to preach to people about how they should help orphans? Sorry, no. I'd give a donation, and be on my way.

Same goes with these vegans. I've known many vegans who fell off the bandwagon, simply because eating only veggies is not a sustainable lifestyle - especially if you've grown up eating meat and loving it. So, as much as you 'think' you feel bad and sorry for animals, it's a temporary feeling that will not last long. So, stop trying to portray yourself as being moralistic unless your entire life is dedicated to saving animals.

And at the same time, they are also very self-righteous people who want to feel superior to everyone else who are not as 'enlightened' as they are. Don't deny this vegans, that's just how those of you who are actively preaching to the rest of us are like. Haughty and superior - thinking that you're one level above us meat-eaters because you're paying more for your food (vegan-eating isn't cheap, for some reason) and that you're helping the environment by 'saving the animals'. How sweet. But that's one of the many things that's wrong with you.

No, moron. Eating more veggies will not help with climate change. 
Planting more trees will.

EVOLVE. That's how they see themselves. An evolved human being. We evolved from our stone-age selves in every aspect - even food. However, the ancients themselves have a proper diet of greens, meat, milk and bread. Then as we evolve into the humans we are today; we added in a couple of processed foods like cereal, sugar, etc – but the main structure remains of greens, meat and healthy fats. Vegans are trying to evolve into just greens, soy and beans. (BTW, soy products like soy-chicken for example, is also considered processed food - don't see how it is any healthier.)

They're defying the natural way of life: humans are omnivores. Eating meat comes naturally to us. Just like how you wouldn't alter nature by making a lion eat only veggies, you shouldn't also do the same to other humans. Really, just keep it to yourself, because you only have the rights to make that choice for yourself. It irks me to see how they think going vegan is a greener choice. Just because we eat meat doesn't mean we do not care about the environment.

Which is great, as long as you leave us meat-eaters alone. See, 'holistic' is a big, big word that not many understand. But anyways, just like any marketing gimmick, big words like these are used to mask the cons beneath it. Holistic means to 'see something as a whole' - which is a tool used to make people see that veganism is our utopian future, for peace and all animals' sake. No more deaths, no more suffering. Yeah right. Only a totally naive and gullible individual would believe that. Hence the many 'converts' that go around spewing all sorts of nonsense from their mouth.

They talk about veganism as something they understood as a whole. But missed out on the nitty gritty parts. Read the next point.

Shocked? Well, based on this article, every year in harvest, many animals like mice, snakes, and field creatures are killed by machines that harvest your wheat, corn and soybeans. With the rise in vegan consumption, there has been a rise in harvests, hence a rise in animals which are killed FOR NOTHING. See, with us meat eaters, animals are slaughtered to be eaten.

To protect their grain harvests, countless of rats have been poisoned. When harvesting machines plough the fields, the animals residing there gets killed. Now how would you justify this? Meat is murder? Well at least it gets made into yummy dishes and gets eaten. Dead animals and carcasses left to rot in your harvesting fields? Who's the real murderer here, may I ask? Cruelty-free? What bullshit.

Eat veggies and soy products, and you live a beautiful, healthy life! Oh, really? I thought the Food Guide Pyramid denotes that a healthy meal is a well-balanced meal - greens, meat and sugars all involved? Or have we been wrong for so many centuries? Is leaf-eating the ACTUAL way of life?

Case in point: Would you rather look like someone who eats only veggies or someone who eats a well-rounded meal?

Honestly, Gillian looks like an absolute herbivore (horse, giraffe, etc) – I see a great resemblance. It's true that they say, you are what you eat. Maybe that's what she's been aiming for all along? If so, then, good job. But as for me, I'd prefer to look like Nigella anytime. Healthy, robust and more.. human.

I honestly think one wouldn't look good without some meat on their bones. Veggies doesn't help put meat on your bones. You may boast to be full of health, but are you, really? Doesn't anyone also think that Gillian looks like someone who's recovering from an eating disorder? Look at how sunken-in her cheeks are. You can also see the skeletal outlines of her jaw. Although I agree with her on the exercising part, but she really needs to rethink her diet – unless she thinks looking like a horse is a good look. (NOT!)

If health is what all vegans are aiming for, why are you ingesting processed soy byproducts for protein? Just for the sake of being stubborn and not eating meat – and to stand for what you believe in? So let me get this straight. Meat is all natural, but shouldn't be consumed because an animal has to die for it. Soy byproducts are okay– they are loaded with fermentation nutrients, a lot of MSG, some processing chemicals to make them last longer on the shelves, oh and tastes very much like meat – but no animal gets hurt so they are okay to consume.

So from this, I gather that the best way to take our protein is from soy – loaded with processing chemicals. Because with rising demands for soy, genetical modification in soy (source) is required to meet your demands. Sounds REALLY healthy, folks. Also, if you really want to stop eating meat, WHY are you making meat-tasting soy products? Enjoying them guilt-free? How noble of you! Why, I thought you only liked the taste of greens?

What they don't see, they don't know (or care) about. See, most vegans only believe they are doing right, by not having any form of meat on their plate. They only see veggies and lentils on their plates, they're happy and proud to be vegan, to save the animals by not partaking in eating the cruel-laden food source. How blissfully ignorant!

What they don't see are the pesticide-poisoned animals, the trapped animals who were nibbling away at the plants or the mass-murdered animals from harvesting (see previous points). Yes, many more are killed to provide you your perfect, pristine and very clean veggies.

How many cows does it take to feed 10 meat eaters? ONE.

How many dead animals does it take to feed 10 vegans? About three dead snakes, ten dead rats, and more than twenty dead field mice.

Because they think that by not eating meat, they will start saving animals from being slaughtered. Sorry, don't think that's possible. Based on my research on the web, here are some approximate and legible reasons why.

  • For every 1 vegan convert, 5,000 meat eaters are born. (You still LOSE)
  • For every farm that expands to grow food for vegans, 30% more INNOCENT animals die.
  • Worldwide, there are less than 8% of people who are completely vegan (your people cheat, too).
  • Demands for meat rises bit-by-bit, each year, hence the rise of more animals being bred for meat.

For self-explanatory reasons, there's no way to stop the world from consuming meat. Even if you're a vegan convert, it would not help save any animal's life. It would just cause more meat to go to waste. Now, if we don't eat that, how are we justifying the poor animal's death?

Why? Because they only consume veggies and soy. So, because they care for the animals, they will not have the heart to hunt them for food. They will consume veggies from abandoned farms. But what if those veggies run out? They need time to grow them back (and face it, how many of these vegans know how to actually farm with a shovel?) They will also be cut off from their soy byproducts, which means no protein unless they can find ways to farm beans and ferment them. In my estimation, they would have died of hunger by the time their greens are grown. Or if their farm gets overrun by zombies (if it's a zombie apocalypse), it's goodbye forever to any food source for them. Being picky would be the cause of your demise.

Meat eaters, we can live without veggies in situations like an apocalypse. There are plenty of animals, and by nature, animals breed very quickly on their own, so there will not be any shortage of fresh meat. We can even have some berries off bushes and maybe a raw fish or two. Hence our survival.

See? Not only vegans aren't helping much with the environment, they are actually portraying themselves as moralistic beings. More like hypocrites. How is that justifying your morality by not eating meat and letting it go to waste? Your supposed cruelty-free method of eating is not exactly cruelty-free now, is it? If you want to help an animal out, maybe start by volunteering at pet shelters, adopt maybe 20 dogs and cats into your home and perhaps you can actually also join forces with WWF to save endangered animals. Do something instead of signing useless petitions and not eating meat.

There's a word for this, it's called SLACKTIVISM.
Yes, it's a word. Let me explain it to you.

Definition: Slacktivism (slack + activism) is the act of people signing online petitions or liking activist pages WITHOUT having to actually do any of the dirty work. All they need to do is sign, like or share it via social media and leave it at that. In short, supporting something without getting their hands dirty or opening their wallets. They're the complete opposite of activists, but think they have the rights to be pretentious.

Yeap, that's who I liken vegans to. Slacktivists. Because they're not the ones out there DOING something to justify their cause. They don't care about animals as they claim to. All they do is just sit at home, broil some veggies and lentils for dinner and brag about it to everyone on Facebook and Instagram on how they're 'saving the animals' and that everyone should follow in their footsteps.

If you really care about those poor slaughterhouse animals; then do your research, take a drive down to the slaughterhouse and start a riot, bring in the press, call in some legal authorities and explain your case to shut down that slaughterhouse. But oh wait, you're not an activist. Just a lazy slacktivist who follows the vegan crowd blindly and pretending to care. You're such an amazing liar that you almost believe it yourself.

But sorry, your reasons are not valid. You have NO RIGHTS to preach to me about how 'eating meat is murder' when you are a slacktivist yourself. You're not really a caring vegan, animal-loving soul; just a sad, pretentious person who lives on veggies. Have fun while I cut into my juicy, medium rare steak.

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