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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I absolutely adore Spencer Higgins.
He's an awesome photographer and i have always loved his works, it's a must to check out his previous ones.
His latest one here is so brilliantly gorgeous, i am in love with the neon bright spectrum of colors used.

For the first time, i actually paid more attention to the colors more than the shoes. XD

Check him out.


Another awesome person who caught my eye would be Susan Anderson.
Well, her Flickr page actually.

The most interesting one ive come across so far on Flickr.
Hers has a certain quirkiness to it that doesnt always have to make much sense.

This is a screenshot of her photostream on Flickr.

These are just some of my favorite ones.
She has about 40+ images on her Flickr photostream and i believe she will be updating from time to time with more images. So you can always add her to your list and keep watch for new stuff.

Check out her photostream, Sometimes, under the user name 'tinyevilhog':


I have to say, her site kind of inspired me to start quirks of my own.
We'll see how that goes. :)


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