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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Some of the photos which i managed to snag from Christina.
I didnt get all photos though, and there's still more to get from Chelle.

I randomly dragged most of the photo files from Christina until my thumbdrive cried with overload.
Which reminds me that i seriously need a new thumbdrive. 1GB is not enough.
So long, faithful old pendrive. It had never died out on me, not once.

Anyways, picture time! XD

Our day started out with breakfast at some mamak.
Chelle looked damn sad here(no idea why, lolx) and the endless bickering with Kelvin never ends.
And.. ive got a straw on my face.

After registration, we got our goodie packs filled with passes and goodies in form of cards and papers. XD

A few of the speakers: Paul Hughes, William Herald-Wong, Kath Tudball, Chris Lee, Wally Olins.

The first speaker who taught us more than any other speakers did, he's the Branding Guru.
And he's the cutest old man who matches his pink shirt with pink socks. :)

Our awesome lecturer Kins Lee who decided to pop in for a group photog too.

Chris Lee from Singapore. <3
Love his work. Love his charm. Love his style.

He's the best speaker of the lot. Mainly cos he uses a different approach to presentation.
No presentation slides whatsoever, just a long scroll of wrapping paper and a marker pen.

He has awesome work as well.
And i love the way he talks. XD

Im actually really lazy when it comes to editing photos.
So maybe i shall update after i receive the other photos and so on. :D

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