Thursday, June 06, 2013

I'm starting a new category/tag/whatever on my blog here titled: Dreams

Because I've been having crazy vivid dreams for quite a while now. And I feel very compelled to write about them because most of them are very creatively scripted (but weird) and some are just downright scary (like my zombie dream) and I wake up shivering, sometimes gasping for air.

So a few weeks ago, I dreamt about my boyfriend, JY.

I don't know where we were because it was snowing and everyone was white (probably Canada) and he's an ice hockey superstar celebrity in my dream. Before that, I have to clarify that he plays ice hockey in real life so it's not totally random (although being in Canada is) and he loves ice hockey. Like he would watch most of the NHL games and buys Detroit Red Wings merchandise and collects figurines and magazines in relation to his favorite teams. Not to mention that he plays for Malaysia's national team. (Go Wildcats!)

But anyways, back to the dream.

So he was this ice hockey superstar. He played a lot of games and won a lot, and was like Canada's (let me just assume it's Canada we're at) top sports celebrity. He owns a sports car and has a big house for both of us. Which was all fine and dandy, until his final playoff game.

It's quite complicated for me to explain the game, but it was a very close call. But, he lost. And then he lost it. Started to go berserk on ice and started hacking away at the ice with his hockey stick. (I'm guessing this part was invented in my brain because he has broken his hockey stick once because he was frustrated with a game.) The authorities had to step in and it took about 5 men to restrain him. He was then given a court order for 'deliberately creating potholes in the ice.'

This was where it got a bit funny.

The next day he appeared on the front page of the local newspaper with the heading: POTSTAR

Hahaha! I have to admit this was pretty funny.

Then I remembered the police came to our house to arrest him and he was sent to rehab. Rehab! For spoiling ice. Boy, must they love their ice a lot! Because I didn't want to be alone, I decided to move into rehab with him. And his freaking rehab room is HUGE!! They even let us bring our sports cars to rehab. Must be a celebrity's dream in real life for this to happen! Haha!

Somewhere in between my sister decided to move in with us to rehab. Which was weird. Even weirder was that I agreed.

Then the three of us snuck out one night to get the sports car to go clubbing! But the club was an old farmhouse converted into a home club. And that was the furthest my dream went. It was so weird that I even remembered it, but then again, I have a knack for remembering weird dreams.

In case you're wondering why I'm starting this segment, well someone told me it was good to record your dreams because it would help you with sorting out your thoughts in future. Well, no harm plus it's pretty entertaining to read about what people dream about.

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