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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

It's been a crazy few months with work and at the same time, juggling my blog's editorial schedule and other endeavors. I finally have the time (thanks to the fabulous 4-day-long Labour Day weekend) to refresh myself, and get back to what I love doing. My art.

I have been painting on and off, and my relationship with my new watercolors from Daler-Rowney have been really good. Before I purchased this new set, I was actually painting with my old set (some Korean brand) which were from my college days since 2006. It's crazy how long watercolor lasts, but I did find the texture a little less nicer to work with after so many years, and they have hardened up quite a bit too.

If you have been following my art, you will notice that my style is always-changing and evolving, and I always find new ideas to work on, sometimes even while sleeping.

Recently, I've been dabbling in folksy art – very clean, bright colors accentuated by lines and messy-on-purpose details. I went back to basics, by painting the things around me which I observe, and also things I love.

And currently, what I love are things in nature, and shoes.

I've been drawing fruits I love, like the rambutan illustration above, and other things like floral garlands and a kingfisher. Also in the works are some other woodland creatures. These will be available as prints, if interested, do enquire within. As for the shoes, I'm painting up a storm of designer shoes, some which are very iconic like the Valentino Rock Studs and Ferragamo's layered wedge shoes. More are in the works and I promise a full post on those the next time. For now, do follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks.

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