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Thursday, December 29, 2011

After a good whole month of working on this piece, I've finally completed it.
For the first time ever, this piece is also available for purchase as a framed print. More details will be up soon, but you're welcome to email me for enquiries.

The initial sketching process. A flurry of graphite & ink. And eraser dust.

I actually did color study and many hours of proper blending with at least 15 different colors.

So, I've been trying out this whole mixed media process where traditional art meets digital (Photoshop) and I think marrying them really makes it all the better. Some things you just can't do on paper alone.

I've tidied up some of the rougher edges but left some of the raw color pencil grains intact.
I already have another piece in the works so stay tuned! :)

p/s: This is the low-res version of the final artwork hence the clip in quality. Rest assured the final printed piece will be perfectly clear & crisp.

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