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Friday, December 30, 2011

It’s really sad to know that girls are growing up wanting only to be skinny and beautiful because as a child everyone always told them how pretty they were, and it’s what’s messing everything up. Can we please raise our children to be MORE than attractive? Stop throwing remarks about their looks all the time and instead encourage them to talk about books, art, films and ideas.

Young girls shouldn’t have to grow up being insecure because they don’t look like the pretty girls or those magazine models and feel inferior - and want to lose weight and change everything about their appearance by putting on layers of cosmetics and going under the knife. They should be taught how to appreciate everything about themselves rather than to try and be someone else. Most importantly, they should grow up wanting to change the world and to learn as much as possible.

We also make this quite obvious to men as well, that the pretty women are the ones to go after, the ones you want to hook up with. Women are more than a piece of ass. It should be normal to have a conversation with a woman without expecting her to sleep with you just for listening. It should be safe for her to walk down the street without getting taken advantage of.

I only want the best for our future and for us.

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