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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I've hit the 50-day mark a long time ago (you'll know if you have me on Instagram), but haven't had the time to update here, because I have so much going on right now. Mostly work, and also some side projects and keeping my blog constantly updated. It's been a crazy month! So glad my birthday month is coming soon! :)

I think this round of happy days here contains a lot of links to things that are either on this blog, or elsewhere. You see a lot of my face as well. Either way, there's always more to each image posted, and I have put in the relevant links for your convenience. As always, if you're on the #100happydays challenge as well, drop me your link in the comment section.

As usual, the recap for Days 1-40 here:
DAY 1 – DAY 10
DAY 11 – DAY 20
DAY 21 – DAY 30
DAY 31 – DAY 40

DAY 41: Compiling and arranging old and new artworks of mine, some are for sale in print form.
DAY 42: Me, in Chris Brown's clothes (not really) for a fashion contest organized during the blogger's walkthrough event by Klang Parade.
DAY 43: Me again, as a watermelon. My boyfriend took another photo of me next to a bigger watermelon.
DAY 44: My royal crown treatment, courtesy of Burt's Bees.
DAY 45: The day I started my TruDtox journey with review and July 2014 giveaway here.
DAY 46: My two baby kitties, loving this shot of them and their big goo-goo eyes.
DAY 47: After dinner in Rakuzen, the chef surprised us with a complimentary, off-the-menu green tea ice-cream dessert that was splendid! :)
DAY 48: A night out with friends, watching The Conjuring at the open-air Starlight Cinema.
DAY 49: Wanted to dye my hair honey blonde again, but it came out green. I was assured that it will turn to brown again in a month. Summer to autumn hair yo'.
DAY 50: Reading what I thought was a good book. This is what I really thought of it.

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