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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I have been collecting ideas, and shopping for home décor items quite a bit this year. I have to also admit that I've been quite the candle hoarder too. I'm a sucker for pretty candles, nice smelling candles and overall, anything candle. I think they are the new 'teak wood' necessity – remember how at one point all everyone wanted was some piece of teak wood furniture in their home?

Just the other day I visited the only H&M Home outlet, and acquired another two candles. Not so much for the scent, although scent does play a pivotal role.

I have quite an obsession with marble, and I jumped at the chance to immediately buy this pine forest candles with a faux marble décor – ahh if only it was real. The price was befitting its faux-ness though, so I guess in all sense, it is quite a steal.

My inspiration for a décor piece that never came to fruition. :(

The other purchase I was very happy with was the golden pineapple, that has a concealed candle on the inside! How adorable is that? I actually wanted to get baby pineapples to use as décor for Chinese new year, but it's incredibly hard to find. After all, no one sells baby pineapples in the markets, as they have no use to anyone. Plus, pineapples are not easy to grow!

I would say that candle shopping is a very personal affair – what works for one doesn't necessarily work for everyone else. For example, I know of people who are crazy about lavender, but I gag at its scent – although its flowers are beautiful. I'd don't usually advise anyone to buy me candles, unless it's pretty and unscented, like my golden pineapple. You'd need a scent that compromises with everyone if you're buying one for the home/room/office. Here's a soft guide on candle shopping.

  1. Determine which area you're buying the candle for. Living areas should have a fresh and evergreen scent; anything from grass, pine, ocean and even light florals like daisies. The kitchen area should have a more citrus tang to it, like orange peel, wood, salt, vanilla – anything warm, because it would add a nice ambience to kitchen smells. For the bedroom, depending on your personal taste, it should be something that ranges from sweet Bulgarian roses, gardenias or something stronger like bergamot and lilies, with a hint of musk. For the office, keep it light and fresh – something fruity like apple would do as well, otherwise go for pines or figs, something non-intrusive.
  2. Choose a type of candle. The most popular versions are those in the glass cups/jars. They are safe and sturdier, as compared to having a bunch of them on a candlestick. I would recommend candles in jars/cups for use in the bedroom, living room and office. Standalone candles or those that require a candlestick are best for use outdoors, in your garden or in the bathroom. Be smart about placement, those cases of candles starting fires are no joke, it happens – and it's terrible.
  3. Matches or lighter? I personally prefer matches, as they give a very nice burnt smell that reminds me of birthdays. If you do not like it, and prefer to just smell the candle, then use a lighter instead.
  4. Why do some scents burn stronger than others? Perfumed candles usually have a much greater scent – as they are made by adding perfume to melted wax. Brands like Diptyque, Miller Harris, Jo Malone are known for producing top notch candles. However, for a cheaper alternative, I also find IKEA's candles to be quite effective – but only after 40 minutes of burning. Usually candles that have a very strong smell without lighting it up burns with a good scent, whereas candles that smell alright to the nose (but not so strong) will burn with a weaker scent. Remember, it doesn't mean the more expensive candles are better. I have known cheaper options that are great as well!
  5. What is the point of having unscented candles? Ambience, of course. Say you have three or four candles clustered together in the living room for ambiance when you have guests over, and if each one of them are scented – it would cause a headache. There should essentially be only ONE scented candle amongst the unscented – so you get a nice ambience and slight fragrance, minus the headache, and you save money too as unscented candles are much cheaper.

This Victoria's Secret Bombshell candle is one of my favorites, that is unfortunately, running out, as it is quite a small jar. I can't seem to find it anymore in KL either.

Are you a candle obsessed lady as well? Do share your collection with me.

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