Boss The Hamster

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm sure some of your who have been following my Twitter/Instagram had noticed the new addition to my furry-family since last August. It came in a small package named Boss.

He's an agouti Russian dwarf, the typical brown ones with a dark stripe across his back and is about 7 months old now. I decided not to purchase those really ugly metal-bar cages from the pet shop, but instead DIY his very own hamster's paradise using an unwanted fish tank.

I was very fortunate to have uncles who rear fishes as a hobby, and so they have quite an abundance of unwanted fish tanks lying around. I couldn't get those wider types that I originally wanted, so I had to make do with a taller, narrower tank.

Which means, Boss is getting a double-storey duplex to live in. How very sweet it is, to live the hamster life. These here were the earlier versions of this duplex, dubbed Villa de Ham because in his world, he is a Russian mafia boss who deals in sunflower seeds and kernels.

I eventually replaced his cute, pink ball with a blue, silent wheel. The sounds he makes at night makes it real hard to sleep (he's in the bedroom with us since his tank doesn't stink like a metal-bar cage). Plus we carpeted his first floor as well so that he has something warm to walk on where there is no bedding. Isn't he spoilt? I think he is.

Villa de Ham has just undergone another bout of renovation, and shifting of furniture. His current home is courtesy of my uncle. My uncle fashioned a little hut out of wood, with a removable roof structure for him to snooze in. It's so big (for the tank) that it has now become his 'treehouse mansion', and everything else is moved downstairs.

Tadah! His new home! The house is sturdily supported by these extendable rods that I bought from Daiso, at RM5 per pair – and can hold up to 5kg. His staircase is made of bendable sticks from Petlovers Centre, where I bought Boss from as well. His water bottle is another DIY – held upright by two sticky-hangers and a rubber band across them. These sticky-hangers are from Daiso as well, at RM5 for 4 pieces. Daiso is my new life-saver and go-to place for all hamster related DIY.

I'm sort of thinking of getting him a friend, but I'm worried that they might fight. Anyone has any advice on getting hamsters to befriend one another?

Will write another post about the other furry addition (the guinea pig!) in our lives soon!

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