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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yeap, ive finally moved away from Xanga.
I previously created this site to cater as a fashion blog, but then i have too many blogs under my belt to even bother.
So i decided to not waste 'blogoshpheric' space and to just move my new blog here.

The name 'Coquettish' just simply means flirtatious, but then again as i said, this was previously a fashion blog so excuse the chosen name.
Moreover, it rhymes with Mish.
Im not lying, see, i even had a logo for this site back then which few may have recognized from here and there.

Which i think i shall now reuse as my official blog logo.
I mean, my old blog does have its own logo. So why shouldnt this one have one?
Recycled, but still workable.
Imma genius! XD

I dont want to be known anymore as 'Misherru' as my previous blog address suggests.
Sure, it was my identity, which i got from some random japanese name generator site back in 2001.
And back then, it was the sorta 'in' thing to have a japanese name, due to all the hype over anime.
I went along with the hype and got myself that japanese name, but that was until i realized that i dont have the interest in anime, nor do i have the time/money/devotion to watch or buy anything related to it.
In my honest opinion, all those anime characters look the same to me.
I cant tell from one to the other (unless of course, they have very distinctive elements) and i usually get confused between which is male/female.
So from then on i decided to go on with the 'Goth' and also 'Emo' image.
But i still remained my screen name as misherru because my goth name was 'Blinding Skin' (like wtff) & my emo name is 'Gator Detonator'.
Like how gross and stupid. Who names themselves that?
So yeap, that's why.
And now it's time to just cut down to just 'Mish'.
Simple, easy, and rhymes with fish.
And logically, it is my name. So there.

I thought of moving some of my old posts here but then again, i decided to only move the most recent post which is posted below.
So if you want to read my old posts, the link is here.
Or you can just refer to the personal links space where ive linked my old blog.

The skin is still under construction so my new blog looks practically hideous now.
So bear with me.
Or dont, whatever.

Porbably another reason why i changed was due to the relentless stalkers/spammers who sent messages to my xanga blog account (yes, xanga has blog messaging services) and were mostly requesting me to link back to them or asking random questions and ra ra ra.
I was nice the first few rounds.
Then it became practically annoying and i just left it there.
And some had the guts to come spam my cbox.
Managed to ban their IP addresses and thank goodness it ceased.
Im still using the old cbox btws so what you say in my xanga blog will appear here too.
Im contemplating to switch to shoutmix. But we'll see. And voila, a new cbox!

Im back again to the old black-ish background after using white for so long.
But this time around, it's no more black and pink with crazy punk rock-ish style.
Gold is the new pink.
And i like it.

Im really attracted to blogs with really great typography.
And i cross out those with stupid annoying glitter and loud graphics and ugly colorful text.
Like hello, tacky!
Oh and those blogs with music, well, not that there's any problem with it, i just am forced to turn off my speakers everytime i open a musical blog cos i have my iTunes on as well.
Pretty darn distractive noise pollution.
Usually when im too lazy to reach for the speakers, i just fumble around the site for the 'stop' button.
And i get really annoyed when there's none, especially those hidden players.

Im gonna miss having to change my headers though for this blog does not cater to a header.
For the time being, that is.
Until ive fixed the kinks in this skin, i dont think there's much i can do.
Oh, does anyone know how to put that 'Older posts' thingy at the bottom?
Cos i realize mine doesnt have that.
Let me know if you do. :)

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