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Monday, July 28, 2008

Look at this little missy.

kitty says : what are you lookin' at?

Her muka PMS bodoh is damn adorable okay.
Feel like slapping and pinching her at the same time.
Leng took this picture when she came over the other day.
Can you see how her fur had improved from last time?
When we first got her, she had this really coarse top coat and soft under coat. (cats have two layers of fur coats, even shorthairs)
And now, after a healthy diet of Friskies and weekly shampooing, i love love love her fur.
Her top coat is glossy and silky smooth, and her under coat is extra fluffy.
Make her look extra fat and fluffy, like some fat over stuffed pillow.
I like!

Another chebol - looking picture of her.

kitty: whatchu want??!

Leng went close up to her face and she was sorta grabbing for the camera.
She likes grabbing for alot of things.
And then scratching them.
And the kitty parodies goes on and on and on.
I agree with what they say, kittens are a little furry fuzzball of energy.
If i could, id hire someone to play with her and tire her out so tht she'll go sleep.
Then i can go cuddle up with her and get some sleep as well.

Im pretty happy with the friends i have around me.
I feel like i owe them so much.
It's like each and every one of them contributed to a part of me.
Like i wouldnt be who i am now, in this way, with this certain attitude if it wasnt for you guys.
All of you.

I wonder if like, i have a different set of friends, what would i be like?

Probably if i mixed with that snotty group (i will not say from which school or class), id be an anorexic or bulimic by now and i'll be super obsessed with branded items and money.
All i would care about would be what goes onto my skin or hair instead of into my brains.
Sucha bimbo in the making man.

And if i mixed with that smarty farty butterface(it's a term which only some people knows) gang, i think i'll be a nerd nerdbrain with a huge head and acne-ridden complexion.
I swear, they looked like that. even up till now when i still see them once in awhile, they still look like that, except that their acne transformed into scars but their fashion sense, still zero. *shakes head*
Maybe i wont even be dubbed Miss Eyeliner Queen at all, for i wont even know what make up is.
That's sad okay.

And then there's that im-too-good-for-you gang. The ones who think that they're the queen bees of the school. Well actually there's always one group like that in every school, no matter how old we get.
The bitchiest ones are usually recruited. And the super bitchiest one is their queen bee.
Well, in this case i think it's all self explanatory.

So, what kind of clique do i belong in you ask.
Im from the all-rounder, mind your own business kind of group.
Me and my friends, we keep fairly to ourselves our jokes, our eating hours, our gossips, our law breaking, and so on. But at the same time, we do mingle around with others, mutually.
We're a pretty close knit group.
And im damn proud of the friends i went through with.
You guys rock. :)

As a saying i once heard goes:
When times turn hard
Boyfriends turn to liars
Parents turn away
And people turn to stare
It's only your friend(s) who will turn to you.

And i believe it.
Up till this day.
Real friends dont turn away.

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