back again baby.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Guess who's back?
Due to the computer breaking down last week, i have totally no access to the internet for a week.
And ive not gotten the Bijou Bazaar photos yet.
Plus, there's so much i need to change on this new computer.
After all my hard work modding the comp and installing widgets in the past, i have to do it, ALL over again. Sigh.
So much to do, so little time.
And the repairo-man took away my Adobe applications.
Basically, it's like starting from scratch all over again.

Anyways, since i do not have anything from Bijou Bazaar to post yet, i shall put up more photos of Velvet which i have been photo shooting the other day.
I took around 60 shots of her.
Most of it will be put up in my Photography Blog soon, but here's a few.

This is her famous evil eye stare.
I get this look form her alot when she's annoyed.

The little kitty's worn out after about 2 hours of shooting later.

Me loves my baby Velvet to bits. <3

Went for the X-files movie with schmelly kins the other day.
It was BORING.
Like, i know it's not always about aliens and stuff but this movie makes CSI look waaay more interesting. In fact, CSI is actually more interesting.
Waste of my time.

But Sex & The City is so worth it.
Now i know why so many chicks dig it.
It was my first time watching for ive been so outdated and have not caught any of their episodes on HBO.
But seriously, it's like the older version of Gossip Girls.
Except that they're not fighting over men/boys all the time.
Loves it.

Oooh and yes, many of you were asking me about Bijou Bazaar, like how was it?
It was alright, alot of awesome stuff on sale and such.
The Bananas made quite alot of profit from it if i do say so myself.
Photos to be up soon.
And hearts to Leng who was there to help out. Appreciate it loads babe! :)

Updates will be up soon.

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