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Sunday, May 08, 2011

You know how people always say diamonds are a girl's best friend?
Well, diamonds may be a girl's best friend but glorious hair is a girl's most prized possession.

I haven't been very kind to my hair. Years of excessive dyeing, blow-drying, over-treating, bleaching and over-heating my hair has definitely taken its toll on my tresses. What was once a shiny, healthy head of hair is now a tangled mess of dry, coarse strands.

However, I have been extra careful with how I handle my hair now and it's on its way to recovery. Along the way, I have discovered a few secrets that works wonders for my hair and it may probably work wonders for yours too. And right now, I'm gonna share one of my recent discoveries, which is passably debatable, but I will leave that to you to decide.

It started when I ran out of my hair's leave-in moisturizer last week. I didn't have the time to go out and get a new bottle and my hair's freshly washed and was too much of a damp mess for me to even walk out of my front door. So I thought to myself, what can I use as a temporary substitute for a leave-in conditioner? The only thing I could think of was body lotion. But not wanting to ruin my hair, I decided to work my Google magic and do a little bit of research.

BAM! Revelation.

It seems like it's alright to use your body lotion on your hair, in fact, it's good for your hair.

Okay, before everyone goes apeshit on me and demand a proper explanation, let me just list down TWO important points here:
1) Hair is made up of dead skin cells, which are pretty much the same thing as your skin.
2) Body lotion contains almost the same properties as leave-in moisturizers except that leave-ins has a much lower concentration of moisturizing agents so that it doesn't weigh down your hair and make it too oily.

So the conclusion is that it's okay to use body lotion on your hair as it will not harm or damage it, BUT you can't use body lotion all over your whole head of hair unlike leave-ins. I would strongly suggest this hair tip to be used by people with extremely dry hair. Not recommended for those of you with little and fine hair.

I did an experiment using two different sort of lotions - Body lotion & body butter.

Here I have a Victoria Secret body lotion & a pomegranate body butter from Marks & Spencer.
On my washed & towel dried hair (damp hair), I divided my hair into two sections and applied a different lotion on each side to compare.

The result:

Body lotion absorbs easily into hair and trust me when I say that it moisturizes way better than my leave-in hair conditioner. It also controls flyaways so, no more poofy hair. Aside from that, it smells really nice.

Body butter doesn't absorb as well into my hair and it actually makes it more difficult for my hair to dry. It moisturizes my ends very nicely though and it controls flyaways as well but it really weighs my hair down and I had to wash it off the very next day. It was a shame because the body butter smells really good.

So go ahead and give it a try if you like. I've been doing this for a week now and I love. I'm not even replenishing my leave-in conditioner stock anymore. :)

Just a few tips if you do plan to try this out:
1) DON'T apply the lotion all over your head, just on the ends of your hair. It WILL weigh your hair down and applying it on the crown of your head will make your hair especially oily.
2) To tame flyaways, use just a little bit of lotion to smooth it down.
3) I would recommend using a hair serum for the crown & mid-lengths of your hair paired with lotion at the ends.

Also, remember that using different brands & types of body lotion may give different results, depending on the type of hair you have as well. Do a small test strand before proceeding to tend to the rest of your hair.

Here's to beautiful tresses ladies. :)


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