A Hundred% Art For Nike

Friday, October 24, 2014

Over the weekend, we headed out to Lot 10 in anticipation of the reveal of 26 custom-decorated Nike shoes. Presented by HUNDRED%, these shoes are celebrating the 1982 Nike Air Force-1 (AF-1), but in the form of the 2014 Lunar Force 1. The difference is that the latest Lunar Force 1s still remains its classic upper body, but now comes with a thinner, icy blue rubber Lunarlon base.

Having rounded-up 26 Malaysian artists to work on a pair of shoes each, their creations are to be revealed to all within the spacious interior of the HUNDRED% store in Lot 10. A little bit about the store: HUNDRED% is categorized as a Premium Lifestyle Store. They carry premium footwear lines under its belt like the Nike NSW line, Kobe Line, Lebron, Kevin Durant line, and Air Jordan brand, to name a few. They also stock some of the most renown streetwear brands in the world like Undefeated, Stussy and Us Versus Them.

The 2014 Lunar Force 1, pre-customization.

The store was, predictably, massively packed and roaring loud with hip-hop beats and remixes provided by a couple of DJs. Most guests came decked out in their street attire, and I noticed a lot of Nike shoes making a statement on different pairs of feet. Myself, I came in sensible Nike Combat Pants, paired with an MNG top and a scarf. My boyfriend went all out with his Nike tee and shoes (that we bought during our trip to Gold Coast). He wore a Brooklyn-issue cap, but he was drooling at some of the caps carried by HUNDRED%.

For this reveal, the gathered artists range from various art industries from photography to tattoo and graffiti artists, producers and rappers to fashion designers. And after seeing the designs of each shoe, you can be sure that there is an absolute diversity (and also a sort of unity) in each art piece. Here are some of the few which managed to catch my eye.

This is by tattoo artist Kelvin Kok from Tattoo Family. He actually tattooed on the shoe, so cool. He even showed up in tow with his daughter and heavily tattooed wife.

The man himself, in the flesh.

By graffiti artist, KATUN (cartoon, geddit?)

I loved this one, very Zen.

This one's a whole load of funky craziness. Stuck out like a sore thumb to be the most memorable shoe design of the lot. 

This too, is a very memorable piece. The lights are way cool!

I'm a Hundred% Nike fan girl. ;)

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