Get Organized: Jars & Canisters

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I'm not a neat freak, but I LOVE beautiful things to help keep things organized. You can always use any sort of jar to store your beauty necessities like facial cotton, combs, make-up brushes, earbuds and so on. Organizing everything helps you find things easily (especially if you're a messy-nessie like me) and using pretty catch-alls just makes you feel even better about getting it done.

Here, I have rounded up a few of the prettiest jars and canisters I can find, purchasable online. If you've been looking to bring your organization station to the next level, then these are for you! Remember, just because they need to serve a purpose doesn't mean they need to be boring.

A beautiful black and white striped ceramic jar from Jonathan Adler. I love it because of the 'secrets' label on the outside, making you wonder what's on the inside. Get it here.

Copper is now chic, thanks to H&M Home's ceramic jar that comes in polished copper and also in silver. You can never go wrong with such a simple piece. Get it here.

Want something a bit more snazzy? This patterned silver ceramic jar gives you that edge with the dotted patterns, sort of like studs. It comes in white as well for those who want something less edgy. Get it here.

A beautiful bee-inspired ceramic jar. I love the simplicity of the design for this, and how they decided to make just the lid yellow. This would also do nicely in the kitchen. Get it here.

If you are a fan of the rustic trend, you will love these woodstock tins that comes in two sizes, and will amplify the rustic-ness of your space. Get it here.

The only glass item in the selection, this beautiful apothecary jar is perfect to store make-up brushes, or anything in quantities. Get it here. 

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