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Thursday, August 28, 2014

I loved how the first post for the new picks category received such a great response! Even got a sponsorship to do a full feature of a shop. More on that another time. :)

This week, I've rounded up a few pretty items – some are subtle, simple and small. And some are big and bold. Nevertheless, they all make a good statement piece, depending on how you wear/place it. Some of the items featured here are a little on the expensive side, but the price justifies the amount of work, love and passion that goes into making them. After all, they are utterly unique and the price tag fits the amount of admiration you'd get from friends and family when you own them.


Black Slim Billy Bob Pendant Lamp @ 45x37cm (RM1,661.78)
This entry is referring to the black lamp on the ground (bottom right). The shop has other designs for lamps too, as you can see, but I love the Billy Bob Pendant lamp because it simply looks too cool. I am a fan of minimalist designs, and this minimalism is perfect. The lamp comes in more color options, and you can customize the wire too! Purchase this here.

Stoneware Wall Planters (RM332.36 for 4)
These pots are modern, glazed clay planters that has a hole at the back for mounting onto walls. They are small enough for cactus and succulents – and I think they look so cute placed on walls. These little ones can brighten up any living space without taking up too much space. Purchase these here.

Tiger Totem Parent & Baby Set (RM260.67)
The items under the home & décor category just keeps getting smaller and cuter. This here is a listing for the mommy and baby tiger, but the shop sells a lot of other animal totems, all hand painted in acrylics and molded from polymer clay. I think that these are super cute and they make wonderful decorations for children's rooms, and even adult homes. Purchase these here.


Ampersand Rose Gold Bracelet (RM107.53+)
One of my favorites of the lot, I love the beauty and simplicity of this. It makes the perfect friendship bracelet, and I can even see it as a bridesmaids' accessory. The price for this differs with your choice of rose gold, gold filled or sterling silver. Of course, rose gold would cost you slightly more. The workmanship looks flawless though, so you can be sure to get your money's worth. Purchase this here.

Black Embroidery Flower Statement Necklace (RM293.26)
Go big and bold with this statement piece. The shop is filled with huge statement pieces, some are wondrously colorful and some are really huge! I chose this as my favorite out of the lot, because I find the copper-gold stunning against the black, and the details of the necklace is very well-thought. It looks very elegant as well, and I love it! Purchase this here.

Handmade Leather Weekender Tote Bag (RM1,254.48)
I love this bag, simply because of it's simple shape, various compartments and texture. As an artist and designer, I have a thing for leather bags/clutches that can hold my sketchbooks, gadgets and tools, altogether. This is one of those perfect bags I strive to one day own and carry around proudly. Call me hipster, but leather is the new cashmere. Purchase this here.


Macbook Pro/Air 13"/15"/17" Decal (RM65.14)
Another designer/artist quirk that made me choose this from the hundreds of other beautiful decal designs. I am all for simplicity, but I also like a splash of color where necessary. I also like the fact that the price for this is very reasonable, as most retail shops in Malaysia sell decals for RM100+. Check the store for more cool designs. Purchase this here.

Leather Headphone & Cord Organizer (RM79.83 for 5pcs, in assorted colors)
Small and chic. That's what these cord organizers are all about. They are very simple too but make a whole load of difference when used to tame your tangled mess of wires and cords. With this listing, you can purchase 5 of them in colors like tan (photo), burgundy, violet, dark green, black, brown and turquoise. The shop carries other various leather goods as well. Purchase these here.


Cat Ball For Shark Week (RM322.58)
This is too cute! I can imagine my three cats squeezing into it and snuggling close. I think it works not just for cats but for small dogs as well. Love the detail of the shark's teeth and the pink lining on the inside, like a real shark's mouth! It is also machine washable so it's easy to clean. The material looks quite sturdy as well, so no worries of your cat mauling the shark. Moreover, it looks like the most bad ass bed your cat will ever own. Purchase this here.

That's it for this week! Will be looking for more unique items for next week.

*Price are approximate conversions provided by Etsy. Image credits to respective shop owners.

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