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Monday, October 13, 2014

This week, I am finding inspiration in beautiful and quirky home items, and a few things that nudge the heart strings of the designer in me. It's not often that you come across a home that is decorated from the heart (most people's hearts say, Ikea) and contain bits and pieces of their personality. So here I present to you, bits and pieces of my personality, in some home picks that I would put in my home.


Air Plant Holder (RM291.23)
I love hanging plants (though I used to hate the pitcher plants in my home when I was younger) and these holders are so beautiful! Constructed of glass and copper, I bet these prism like terrariums will reflect rainbows if hung near sunlight. It is also three-tiered, from small to big. Purchase this here.

Doll Head Cups – set of four (RM474.48)
Creepy but cool – I am in love with these white porcelain cups, with a pretty touch of gold on the handle. It's the perfect coffee/tea cup as it holds 5oz of liquid. I have to say, the doll heads leave space for unlimited imagination – through use of whipped cream, froth, cherries and ice-cream, or even funky straws. This is definitely on my wishlist! Purchase these here.

Custom Clear Glass Bubble Chandelier (from RM1636.13)
Aptly put by its maker, 'art by day, light by night'. I've not seen anything like this in anyone's home yet, and it's so pretty! The prices vary according to size, so you can choose to make it a big statement, or a small one for your home. The price is pretty decent, seeing how some light fixtures in my home can cost over RM3,000 – this is practically a good deal. Purchase this here.

Mounted Velociraptor Dinosaur Head (RM193.06)
I'm quite the dino-enthusiast (I got overly excited at the Jurassic Park in Universal Studios Singapore) and I loved dinosaurs ever since I was a kid. This – is my ultimate dream come true. I've always wanted a dino head/figurine for my home, so this makes perfect sense. It even has carvings on the oak plaque, stating the scientific name of the dino. Alternatively, you can request for custom lettering. Purchase this here.


'Better Than An Email' Postcards – set of 10 pcs (RM45.81)
Custom designed postcards to say hello to an old friend or relative. Do it the right way with these quirky postcards via traditional snail mail. Leave the technology aside and connect the old way. Aside from many other lovely postcard designs, the shop also sells beautifully designed cards for any occasion. Purchase these here.

Ikat Cotton Fabric Cover For Macbook 13" (RM176.70)
Anything resembling Aztec design can walk into my life. I love the color combo on this, and how simple it looks. The cover is made from a Brazilian fabric, gobelin, famous for use in historical tapestries. The inside is lined with felt, and it has a cute wooden button and a weave-string to hold it shut. Such a pretty piece! Purchase this here. (the shop has another white version which I really love!)

Engraved Handmade Journal (RM359.95)
Crafted from gorgeous black walnut, this is one of the prettiest journals I've come across. I especially love the stitching that binds the book, because it allows the book to open flat, without any flipping whatsoever. The engraving makes it all the more special, the artist in me approves. You can also customize the thread color, covers and end sheets. Purchase this here.

That's it for the homey artist edition of picks. For more picks, please refer to the new picks category I've created, just for this section! :) I really enjoyed choosing all my favorite items from Etsy so far, most of these are in my wishlist. May you find new things to add into yours! If you have any suggestions of items you think I'd love, please hit me with an email, with the title 'picks' and a link to the suggested item. It doesn't have to be from Etsy, but make sure it's from a reliable shopping site.

*Price are approximate conversions provided by Etsy. Image credits to respective shop owners.

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