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Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Saturday well spent with lovely bloggers in Alexis, The Gardens Mall. We were all here to find out how we could make my eyes shine and look natural at the same time.

The Acuvue team has set up a really lovely blue and white themed room in Alexis' special function room and it looks so warm and inviting. :) We are first separated introduced to the team, and we started off with a simple searching game as an ice breaker between us bloggers.

Later on, Acuvue's new range of daily contact lens were introduced by Carmen Lee, the Group Customer Marketing Manager of Johnson & Johnson. The Acuvue Define lens come in three different styles – Vivid, Natural Shine and Accent Style. They are designed in a way to define and naturally enhance the shine in Asian eyes, as the colours are subtle (not overly exaggerated like those anime fashion lenses) and have a very gorgeous shine to them. I am especially fond of Vivid Style which make my eyes look extremely bright and soft! The iris of the lens is specially designed to accentuate the eyes and brighten them too.

Other than looking pretty, Acuvue Define contains LACREON technology, which means you get a 20-hour cushion of moisture throughout the day to keep your eyes comfortable and bright. For those of you who wear contact lens, I'm sure you can relate to that irritating feeling of dry eyes at the end of the day when your contacts feel as dry as the desert. You don't get that with Acuvue Define daily lenses! Trust me, I've tried it for a full day, and even to the clubs where there's loads of smoke and possible irritants, and my eyes were perfectly A-OK!

Carmen Lee giving her presentation.

Did you know that some of the common eye infections are caused by the coloured area of your lens rubbing onto your eyeball?

One more contributing factor to Acuvue Define's comfort and safety, is the Beauty-Wrapped-In-Comfort (BWIC) Technology where the pigments of the lenses, are embedded in between two transparent layers of lens, so that it doesn't touch your eyes and cause problems. How your lenses are made, makes a difference!

Another added benefit is that Acuvue is the only brand that offers an international standard of UV protection. Just as your protect your skin from the sun, you need to protect your eyes too! Actually, your eyes are way more important as you only have TWO of them. I myself never knew the importance of protecting our eyes from UV rays, until now and I am so thankful that there is a brand out there which provides this level of protection.

Have I got you hooked already? I know I am, especially after trying them out. After all, comfort and safety should always come first before vanity. Jojo Goh, the brand advocate for Acuvue Define also agrees. She says,"After using Acuvue Define for more than 6 months, I can honestly say that I can't imagine my life without it," in her specially recorded video to all of us girls. You can watch the video here.

A screen still of Jojo Goh.

After the lovely presentation, we had a few more games before we hear from both Datin Angie and Ms SunpangPhithaksakorn from Better Vision, an optometrist outlet which has many branches all over Thailand and Malaysia. They both explained about the importance of proper and regular eye checks, and the special 12-step procedure available in their outlets, called BVAX. The gist of it is that like any other medical check-up for your body, a routine eye-check-up is just as important because we tend to neglect our eyes most of the time. If you're interested, I will be elaborating more on this in a follow-up post.

Our tea-time was provided by the chefs at Alexis, and I particularly enjoyed the Thai fried beehoon in cute little take-out boxes. The Acuvue team really took well of us, there was so much food! *happy, well-fed face*

After our noshing session, we were escorted one level up to the Better Vision outlet in The Gardens Mall, to get our eyes checked before we can take our Acuvue Define lenses home. The store is brightly lit, and well-stocked with many branded sunglasses and a whole shelf of Acuvue Define lenses. The Better Vision team readily welcomed all of us bloggers and proceeded to put us into order to get our eye check ups done. Girls, ALWAYS remember to take off your current contact lens before you go for an eye check-up, otherwise you'll have to wait a 30 minute grace period for your eyes to adjust before you can take any tests.

My test results were still the same as my current lens power, so there will not be any adjustment to my vision. I did find out that I have a slight astigmatism, but that isn't a problem.. yet. We were all generously given 2 boxes of each of the 3 different designs to try. Each box contains 10 daily lenses, and they are packed in thin, convenient strips that can easily be carried in a handbag! I have to say, I didn't expect this event to convert me into an Acuvue user, but I am very sure that I'll be using these for the long term.

This is me in my favourite, Vivid Style lens. Thanks Acuvue for the amazing, fun time and for making me look so naturally bright, even without makeup!

For more information, please visit their website, or their Acuvue Malaysia Facebook page.

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