Bright As A Daisy With Burt's Bees

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Burt's Bees, one of the best natural brand in the beauty market, gave me the most lovely surprise – they sent me flowers! Well, daisies to be exact, along with two potted plants for me to care for. Besides that, they also sent me two of their latest products to care for my face.

Daisies are the star of their new Daisy White range. The people at Burt's Bees believe that one should not be retouched by a computer (eg. Photoshop) but rather, by nature itself! Which leads to the creation of this new range, that helps 'retouch' your dark circles and pigmentation – naturally. Of course, one should not expect overnight results, but rather, a sensible timing of 4 weeks.

If you decide to follow the Daisy White regimen, you can fully expect visible brightening of skin in 4 weeks – which includes lightening of pigmentation or discoloration, reduced appearance of dry lines and and improvement to surface dullness.

I especially love the Daisy White eye cream, which is easy to use, thanks to its well-designed applicator (which looks like a pencil) and all you have to do is dot the bottom of your eyes with 3 dots and smooth them out. Since using it every morning and evening, I find that it has definitely kept those eye bags away. The scent is also pleasantly floral, which I love.

I obviously do not have any results to show you yet – but give me another 2 weeks to test this out, and you can probably see visible results then. Within this range, you will find that it comes fully equipped for every part of your facial routine – from the facial cleanser, eye cream, serum, facial toner and the moisturizing cream – you are set to achieve that daisy-white fairness that is coveted.

The eye cream retails at RM159/10g and the moisturizing cream retails at RM159/50g. As usual, all products are natural and can be found in any Burt's Bees specialty stores nationwide. 

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