KLGCC Fuses Golf With Pinktober & Great Food!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The KLGCC Women With Drive event was probably one of the best things to happen at the best timing. It's during Pinktober, it celebrates women and have amazing women golfers from all over to play at the 4-day event. It also happened during a time when the haze had sort of receded and gave everyone a nice weather to play in (it's back again this week though, *sad face*).

Although I'm not very well-versed in golf, I could see everyone who's present – young and old (surprisingly a lot of young women! Who says golf is an old man's game?) – watching the game with rapt attention and most were sporting their golf attire too!

I was there on a mission – to seek out the Food Trucks of KL who were hand-picked by the KLGCC team to provide nosh for all the hungry golfers and audience. There are 6 food trucks in the lineup, as well as other delicacies dished out by Chef Arnold Kwok and team from all the various restaurants within the club's compound.

I tried some of the food from the KLGCC chefs, and there was a whole selection of local and international fare to choose from. I was very much intrigued by this curry chicken nestled in between pieces of bread, because the presentation was so quirky. Alas, it tasted pretty much like nice curry chicken with typical white bread. We also had the beef rice bowls, which was yummy, but the beef lacked a teensy bit of seasoning.

I then moved on to the food trucks, first up was Wheeloaf, a food truck specialising in pastries and bread – and to my delight, grilled cheese sandwiches! I am a big sucker for those cheesy delights, so I ordered something called The Great Dan – a pulled beef grilled cheese sandwich. The wait was about 20 minutes (because there were just so many people!) but it was soooo worth it! The flavour was flawless and it was the best cheesy experience ever!

Next up, I went over to the Burger Giler Power food truck and ordered their signature beef burger to try. and boy, was it good! I think small businesses and burger joints these days have really stepped up their game and all use the same formula to create their delicious burgers. One, must have a delicious fluffy bun, charcoal if possible (mine was). Two, must make own patty out of grounded meat, and make it a fat patty so that it would cook into a nice juicyness. Three, the sauce – nothing beats a good sauce that compliments the overall taste. Long story short, it is delicious! Nailed it!

By this point, I was getting really stuffed. I only had enough stomach space for one more food truck. Who shall it be? (BTW, before you conclude that I am a total piggasaurous, my boyfriend was around to share the food)

The last food truck I approached was Cowboys Food Truck, they have the MOST AMAZING chicken wings. I ordered the garlic wings with a side of nachos. The nachos were standard fare but the wings.. I have died and gone to wing heaven! It was crunchy and well-seasoned, with a nice garlic sauce over it. I don't know how they do it, but please just keep doing what you do, it is amazing! We are even planning to order a bulk of 200 wings from them for our next house party. It's a definite must try because words just can't describe the combined effect you get when you eat this.

I didn't have the stomach space for the other food trucks, namely Thyme Out, Ken's Food Truck and The Malaysian Ninja Truck – but I have heard good things from the other patrons about their food as well. These trucks roam the streets of KL, so feel free to look for them and grab a bite. I promise you, they do not disappoint.

So the rest of the afternoon was spent roaming around the grounds, catching glimpses of the game and even a brief glimpse of Michelle Wie, all decked out in Nike gear. There were loads of kids around as well with some mini games and shopping to be done in the visitor's centre.

There goes Michelle Wie's back.

Thank you for the kind invitation KLGCC, I look forward to coming back again soon!

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