2015 March Madness Calendar

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hey guys, here's another monthly desktop calendar for you to download. If you enjoyed the January & February editions – you will love March because it is mad, crazy and full of color!

The credits for the march desktop calendar background goes to Lienke Raben. This girl has crazy imagination and a love for pop-colors. You can check out some of her gorgeous designs and quirky characters that makes up her unique style.

Let's talk about March. It is indeed one of the craziest months – because most events happen in March for some reason, a lot of work comes in during that time and also a lot of babies come into the world during this time (I wonder why?) It's usually when I take out all my organizers and really get planning for my blog and also for my work. I have talked about making a worklogue in a previous post. But whether March makes you happy or crazy – I believe you would all breeze through with flying colors.

March is also important to me, because it is my anniversary month. Each time March comes by, I'm like – wow, it's another year already, and this would be our 3rd year together. I've known this crazy man 8 years now and he's still here. Amazing. Maybe next year, it should be Magical March instead of Madness.

What are your plans for March and what is your best advice for navigating through March Madness?

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