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Friday, June 05, 2015

In the booming industry of slimming and wellness centres, it is no easy feat to stand out. In such a competitive trade, one must have not only have proven results nowadays, but a unique approach in terms of method and technology.

Having never stepped into a slimming centre before, I was intrigued when Mayfair Bodyline and Nuffnang approached me for a tryout. Let's be clear that this is a fully sponsored service, but all opinions are my own, as with everything else on this blog. (Oh, and there is a promotion for you right at the end!)

The overall combo of Christmas and Chinese New Year merriment had definitely contributed to my waistline, and therefore I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to really test out their slimming treatment. This being a one-time treatment, I'm not expecting a drop in size or anything, but rather to focus on the experience and the post-treatment effects. There was also a lovely facial treatment right after. *fist pump*

Upon arriving, everyone has to fill in the standard form and drink the complimentary chrysanthemum tea – to calm the nerves, no doubt. Right after, the consultant had me step on a weighing scale to take my weight and fat percentage, as well as my height (for BMI) calculation. In the consultation room, we determined the areas they need to work on, and we also hashed out skin concerns for the facial treatment. Each person's need varies, so it is of the utmost importance for us to be brutally honest about our (ahem) bad snacking habits and skincare neglect (like how I always skip my daily sunblock). Once that is done, the consultant will plan out the treatment and advise the beauticians on what to do.

Apparently for me, my tummy is an issue.. so yay, I get to have it done.

I was brought into my own private treatment room where disposable underwear and tube bra, along with a comfy robe are provided. My shoes were also swapped for slippers, and belongings placed in a locker. This time, I was allowed to bring in my camera and phone, but everything else stays in the locker for safekeeping.

My first treatment required using the Slim Master machine. Attached to this machine are two different probes – one with a flat metal surface and the other which is a suction-like tube. This treatment is aimed to break the fats around my belly area. The beautician first slathered a cold cream on one half of my belly, and proceeded to use the flat metal applicator, moving it around to cover each section where cream is applied. It doesn't feel like much, but as it uses intense ultra-sound to break down the fat cells, you get a high-pitched sound ringing in your ears, like metal grinding on metal. You'll get somewhat used to it after a while, but it isn't a pleasant sound at all.

Mayfair's Slim Master machine.
The angle is a little off, but you can see the obvious curve on the right side.

Following this was the use of the suction applicator. How this works is the suction will be moved around your belly and the areas it hovers above will get sucked in for a second before the beautician pulls it away again. She is trained to only focus on certain areas for suctioning, and other areas get ba quick brush-over. The sensation? It starts off pleasant, but it gets slightly painful after a while, as it feels like someone is pinching you over and over again. Thankfully this doesn't go on for too long. By now, only half my belly has had treatment, and I could clearly see that the treated side looks visibly shapier and skin is more taut. And this is just one treatment – imagine if you come in regularly. The beautician then proceeded to work on my other half and I pretty much preferred the ultra-sounds ringing in my ears compared to the pinching sensation. No pain, no gain, ladies.

Next up, I was given my robe again and brought out to try their very 'sci-fi' looking machine, for the Vibe Kinetic Therapy (VKT). The machine features a platform for you to stand on, which will move at a quick vibration to give you the effect of burning calories using vibration. It also has 6 infrared bulbs, that will send out heat to burn your fats while you stand on the platform. In only 10 minutes, the VKT is proven to burn 500 calories, which is equivalent to 2 hours of exercise. I pretty much enjoyed this the most, I actually did a few poses (squatting, standing straight, crouching) while on the platform and each pose gives a different vibration effect to certain areas. It's intriguing.

But first, lemme take a selfie.

Photo is obviously taken with the infrared off. But when it's on, it's like whoa – imagine 4 red traffic lights staring at you!

My 10 minutes were up and I am then escorted back to my room. During that time, my beautician has prepared my bed with a hot blanket, nestled underneath the bed's layers. She introduced me to the CLA Chilli Slimming cream, which is a pinkish cream that smells quite nice. It is the chilli cream made from the extracted essence from chilli pepper seeds. Spicy! This cream is formulated to effectively and rapidly stimulate the excretion of body fat (remember the first treatment where my fats were broken down with ultra-sound?) that are still lingering about. She slathered chilli cream all over, from shoulders to calves – and then proceeded to wrap me with cling wrap. At this point, I felt like a piece of meat, marinated and prepared for roasting. The bindings were quite tight and I was 'mummified' from upper body to my ankles. It wasn't easy to move about, and certainly no toilet breaks for now. (No photo for this procedure because her hands were covered in cream, and I am obviously mummified.)

Hot blanket anyone?

She guided me to my bed, settled me down and pulled the other half of the blanket to cover me. This is called the Heat Blanket. It works with heat to help relieve muscle; improve blood circulation and to reduce fluid retention. I am, as of now, the chicken in the burrito. The warmth was quite nice, and the beautician dimmed the lights and turned some ambient music on before leaving the room. I dozed off for a bit, and some time later, I woke up because it had become very hot, and I was sweating profusely. Not knowing how to call my beautician (no phone or call button ensuite) I decided to just flip off the top of the blanket and waddled my way to the door (I'm still mummified in cling wrap, remember?)

My beautician came back in and started to unwrap me. I was free at last! I didn't like how stifling it became towards the end of the treatment, but the chilli cream definitely did its job – I felt a good burn in my thighs, as though I had just finished a workout. The remnants of the cream were wiped off with a cloth after she has unwrapped me completely. At this point, I felt quite rejuvenated, although very sweaty as well. My skin also has a reddish tinge to it, like as though I just got sunburnt. It didn't hurt though, not like actual sunburns do.

I was handed a elasticized cotton dress – which I was to wear over my bosom after all my sweaty disposable undergarments are taken off. Then I was covered with a soft blanket as I settled down for the relaxing part – the facial.

The usual routine were carried out during the Skin Rejuvenation; makeup removal, cleansing and moisturizing – all with nice massaging strokes for all the main areas of the face, and a bit of grooming for my brows. Right after, a bright light was used to look for impurities as the extraction begins. I only had about 5 extracts before she was done, and proceeded to apply toner.

Then cold cream was applied to my face as the IST Lifting equipment is used to massage my face.. It helps release muscle tension as it glides along the face, and to also loosen the fats in the face area. This is so relaxing, I was nearly asleep.

After that my eyes were given an Intensive Eye Treatment, where cool slabs of nourishing products were placed over my eyes. This helps to lift eyebrows and reduce eye bags. A special Vitaroma product was also used to give me a radiant, bright look. I was then left to snooze again for a bit. The final bit was a good massage and moisturizing to finish off, and then I was left to slowly get dressed.

The treatments took about 4 hours to complete, and I felt rejuvenated and relaxed right after. You can say that it felt like a spa experience. But, did I lose any weight? Of course not, you cannot expect much in just one session. However, the tummy area felt much more taut, so did my thighs, but that feeling wore off after a few hours later. My face though, looked radiant and felt great throughout the next few days.

My verdict? If you are looking into getting slim at a slimming centre, Mayfair Bodyline could be for you if you want quick and visible results. As demonstrated to me during the Slim Master treatment, visible results definitely can be seen and with regular visits, I'm pretty sure that results can be achieved much quicker. Of course, at the same time, I also believe in eating wholesome, healthy foods with a moderate amount of exercise to help maintain any figure in the long term.

The facials are great and once-a-month visits would do your skin a whole lot of good. If you like being pampered, the team at Mayfair Bodyline are definitely well-equipped to give you that.

For the month of June, Mayfair Bodyline is offering a special promotion of RM538 for 16 sessions of Body Treatment or 4 sessions of Face Treatment; with that you will also receive another body treatment or face treatment free of charge.

Mayfair Bodyline is located in the posh Beauty Hall on Level 7 in Pavilion KL. For enquiries or appointments, please head to or their Facebook page!

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