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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Hey guys, I'm compiling the Bali travel tips and various posts right now, but it's been crazy! There are so many photos, so many things to say and everything is taking a very long time – cause all of it wants to come out together. On top of that, I also have a lot of other blog responsibilities (like getting the June desktop calendar out for you guys, phew!) and also catching up on things that I owe clients.

I'm also compiling a short round up of my Perth trip, which happened 3 days after Bali, and I don't even have the time to unpack everything properly. Here are some photos from our trip, via the #MishMoiBali hashtag.

However, I took the liberty of combining videos from our Bali trip, into one mish-mash of stuff to sum up most of the trip into 8 minutes. Vlogs are the new 'thing' now, isn't it? I am an amateur, but thank god for iMovie, so please bear with me as you watch the decently edited video (I think I did quite an okay job, putting the right videos at the right places to jive with the song.. sort of) and leave your comments/critiques for my future improvement. Maybe if you have some useful iMovie tutorials on your blog that I could use? Do leave a link.

To watch the video on YouTube, please click here. Until then, stay tuned as I sort my thoughts and write a decent Bali guide for y'all.

*UPDATE: The Bali guide is now ready for viewing!

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