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Monday, February 22, 2010

Too many photos, too little time.

So I'm just gonna post up a few photos just to keep this dying blog alive.
After all, there are way too many people out there posting CNY photos, I tend to lean more to the minority.
Or that's just me making excuses for being the lazy bum I am. :p

If you haven't noticed, it's the year of the TIGER.
(hence the tiger dress)

I shall now share a forwarded text message I received regarding the year of the tiger:

"It's the year of the Tiger,
we should drink more Tiger Beer,
snack on more Tiger Biscuits,
watch more Tiger(thai girl) Shows,
we must not be like Tiger Woods."

In any case if you don't get what it's all about, please Google "Tiger Woods scandal".
Peace. :)

Thanks babe for the pewter rose ring.
I loves it. :)

Hope everyone had a great week, cos I did.
Except the part where I lost a lot of cash in the gambling sessions.

Cheers. XD


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