"omg, kitchen noob baking for the first time"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's funny how or why I decided to bake.

Everyone who knows me knows that the only things I'm capable of cooking are instant noodles and basic sandwiches.

Okay so I was hungry last night at about 3am.
Chelle was online and I was telling her how much I'd like to have one of her cupcakes. But she's far away in the UK and all..
So, she gave me her secret recipe (haha, okay not so secret) for a basic cupcake.
And so my first baking project started.

Yep, now we shall try out Chelle's super easy, recipe.
Even baking-dummies like me can do it. XD

Mixing the batter before putting it into the oven to bake.

This one here is the icing.

Very very sweet stuff. ;)

Once the baking is done, I found out that 9 out of my 11 cupcakes survived.
It's more of a success than a failure so yay, success!!

I left the cupcakes to cool down for about 20 minutes in front of the fan.
(was so tempted to use my cool-set hairdryer to make it cool faster)
I didn't allow 2 cupcakes to cool down so the icing melted. So must remember to always let the cake cool down before applying icing. Use a cool-set hairdryer if you have no patience. XD

Applied wayyy too much icing for the first one.

But it's okay, four more naked cupcakes to dress.

Some decorations are needed to make them look pretty.
I wish I had chocolate chips though.

Look at me! Hard at work.
I did everything on my own, NO ONE ELSE HELPED ME.
I swear.

Whee, 5 very prettily dressed cuppycakes. :D
I can get a toothache just by looking at those.

Cuppycake TYPE ONE.
This is for the sweet toothed people who wants sugar sugar sugar and more sugar.

Then I made another alternative.

Cuppycake TYPE TWO.
Lesser icing with some slightly sourish blueberry jam.
Balances the sweetness out. Perfect for adults 30 years and above. (hah, kidding)

Yeap, the leftovers after we ate the rest.
Gonna have em' served for dessert tonight when my cousins come over.

Apart from Chelle, I would like to thank my very good pals who had been very useful in the kitchen today.

The awesome powered chrome mixer.
It electro-mixed my ingredients, and was so powerful till i got flour in my hair.

And of cos the Post-It notes where all my ingredients & recipe are written on.
They lasted from 4 am, all through my grocery shopping today morning and throughout the whole baking saga in my kitchen. :D

I have a feeling batch two shall be coming up soon as I have leftover icing.


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