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Sunday, April 04, 2010

The one thing I HATE about celebrity websites is the way that they always seem to hardsell themselves, on their own friggin web page.

A few examples of how:

- Countless amount of self-portraits decorating the main page (or a HUGE one covering 60% of the page)

- A million gazillion images of them in their gallery (all the same poses, different attires)

- Standard 3 column layout with hundreds of advert links to celebrity-stalking-sites (E!, Vanity Fair, Perez Hilton, OMG, etc)

- Boring posts about which events they're attending [insert photo] what they're wearing [insert brand] what they're gonne be working on [insert more photos], etc.

To sum it all up, NO ORIGINALITY.
And their web layout always seems to be done by the same person, big headers of their best photo on top, coupled by a few dozen photos of themselves on the sidebars and those annoying gazillion adverts.
Which is why I really HATE celebrity sites, they tend to be useless (unless you're searching for photos) and so boring.
And these are usually the websites of A-list and B-list celebrities. (Not to mention even a couple of C & D-listers too)

But I manage to discover two really awesome websites, by in my opinion, rather low-down A-list celebrities.
Why lowdown?
Well, they're not as showy neither are they glamzoniacs like the vast majority of A-listers.
They are equally as famous, successful and well known.
And yet they manage to have pretty unique & tasteful websites (thank God!).

This may not come as a surprise to those of you who knows me, but the first one belongs to Tim Burton.
Yep, if you don't know who he is, you might as well go drown yourself in a pool of burning larva.


It starts off with instructions on how to navigate around the site.
The most interesting navigation ever, you have to use your arrow keys to move that character there, which he calls StainMan.
Mouse-clicking is useless, you need to move StainMan around if you want to see anything at all.

Do keep the sound ON, it's very nice. :)

After entering, you can choose to enter the public or private gallery.
Take note that access to the private gallery requires you to sign up to Tim Burton's email newsletter.

The public gallery. Loads of very beautiful artworks.
Mostly consist of his sketches and work progresses.

This one's part of his private gallery.

A darned innovative website which I'm bound to visit over and over again.
I wonder why StainMan looks so scared though. I bet Tim has some sinister reasons for making him look so. XD

The second one's a renowned comedy actor. Famous worldwide, everyone knows his name.
Yep, it's Jim Carrey.
Again, if you don't know who Jim Carrey is, you should go and jump off Mount Everest.

I don't know if it's part of his humor sense, but his website is beautifully done.
It's a combination of humor & psychedelic.
I've never really seen a 'psychedelic' side to Jim, but he seems to combine it well with humor.
His website is an experience that could be described as like watching the movie 'The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus'.
Imaginative, weird, unpredictable, and not always rational.

Even the music itself is very sinister, but beautiful. I loved it in fact. ;)


His website loads with an earthworm (or millipede) crawling in circle.
Very interesting, a first for me.

This would be his main page, a lot of clickable animated things on the page.
Nothing keeps still, except for the background.
And I love love love that bird with Jim's head on it, it's his Twitter link. That little thinger just spits out his tweets. The expression on it is waaaay priceless. XD

Once clicked, there would be different animated motions that will take you from the main page, and lead you to another page. This is one of them.
Click on any of his images, and there will be a quote (in his voice) from the movie that each character's from. Just try it, it's real funny. XD

I know Jim's has a lot of self-portraits too, but at least his is not blocks and blocks of papparazzi shots.
His at least has a role to play, clickable and with audio.

These are really two of the best celebrity websites I've seen so far.
Love em'!


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