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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Loumina - the spanish word for light and also the name of this amazing jewellery design store, a creative venture by Louise Pilkington and her brother Philip. Loumina jewellery is inspired by the journey of inner strength and the magnitude of positive energy a small crystal can give the wearer in times of need - the original concept for the collection came from the feeling Louise had when wearing her grandmother's sapphire ring.

I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous triple eagle claw ring, it reminded me of the claw ring I owned (except this looks closer to what I wanted) and also the magpie's claw pendant which I coveted. To put it simply, I have a huge obsession with claws. For me, claws are a great symbolism of inner strength, confidence and faith - the three things which are unseen but exists in every living being.


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