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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm an absolute sucker for Thai food. Much joy filled my life when I managed to concoct the most delicious homemade Thai tom yum soup at my very first attempt. I'm pretty much a salad eater these days and as much as I really love Japanese salad dressing, I think I would rather have a Thai dressing over that.

My mom (who's pretty much a food genius) concocted a really great, spicy and flavorful Thai dressing to go with a lovely seafood salad. It pretty much won me over, I finished the entire basket of lettuce on Sunday. :D

- Fresh lettuce leaves (try Romaine lettuce for that yummy crunch)
- Diced tomatoes
- Sliced zucchini (japanese cucumbers)
- Sliced red bell peppers
- Boiled or lightly sautéed prawns & squid

* You may add in grilled chicken slices if you like.

- Birds-eye chillies (about 5-6) - use with caution
- The juice of two stalks of lemongrass
- Fish sauce (4-5 drops)
- Lime juice (about 3-4 limes)
- 1-2 tbsp sugar

*Taste to estimate the sourness/spiciness of the dressing depending on your own preference. 

The dressing is quite translucent so you don't really see it here.

Simply taste the dressing until it's to your liking, then drizzle some over your greens, mix and it'ready to eat. It's simply the most simple sort of healthy eating which I love. :) This would go best with a mango lassi smoothie which is another favorite thing of mine to make; and with the hot weather, why not?


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