"royal jelly to the rescue"

Friday, July 22, 2011

This here is a photo of my damaged, dry and split-end-award worthy hair from the month of May where I wrote about caring for hair with split-ends. That and also my revelation on an alternative leave-in moisturizer for damaged & dry hair. Yes, you can tell I have struggled with the consequences of mistreating my hair with dyeing, heat styling and bleaching it to the core. :(

However, I have finally found a solution that is helping my hair towards the path of recovery (finally!) and I'm really glad that it's so simple and so readily available. Meet my miracle product.

Yes, L'Oreal Elseve's Re-Nutrition Night Serum - with royal jelly.
I've never used a night serum on my hair, but what it does is it repairs and conditions your hair as you sleep.

See, I'm the type of person who has a whole mane of fluffy hair (think lion) and I have always struggled with flyaways and unruly hair. Therefore, I really love heavy, rich conditioners that flattens my hair into place. However, the downside of that means with neat hair comes super oily scalp - which would then require me to wash my hair even more regularly, causing the mid-lengths to the ends to be irritably dry like hay.

This product can be used on both thick & fine hair without weighing it down because that's just how it's formulated to work! Isn't it amazing? Which also means my scalp will be grease-free. I love how the smell is lovely, and that it isn't too overpowering either. The royal jelly is very rich, and you wont even need much; so a bottle of this will go a long way.

All you need to do is to leave it in (works on both dry or damp hair) and sleep on it and wake up to gorgeously soft and well-nourished hair. It's like my hair took a trip to the spa and returned before I wake up. Simply amazing! I've been using this product for nearly a month now, together with my weekly DIY delicious hair masks and the results have been truly too good to be true. Of course, that along with regular trimming of my split ends and that tip I shared about dousing your hair with cold water after washing.

A combination of a good products, nutrition and care, even the most unruly hair can be tamed.

Loving my hair? Yes I do. :)


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