"the bun or the ponytail?"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello ladies.
So the question of the day is, when you work out, do you tie your hair into a bun or a ponytail?

I have surveyed my gym for the past month and I realized this:
80% prefers the ponytail over the 20% who prefers the bun.
Not that there's any right or wrong with that, I personally don't understand how some ladies with really long hair can tolerate the hair swishing back and forth or side to side, even slapping yourself in the face while working out. I find that my hair in a ponytail really distracts me and throws me slightly off balance (especially when I'm running and it's swishing around).

I love how Hilary Duff looks really fit & healthy here. 
That bun on her head is massively cute too.

Of course, this all boils down to personal preference. However, I would like to stress on why I prefer my hair up in a bun.

It doesn't cause my hair to swish around and touch my back or shoulders, especially when I'm sweaty. In a way that keeps my hair from collecting sweat - it's not only dirty but it weighs hair down, not to mention that gross feeling of hair sticking to your sweaty body. Also, I find that swishing throws me slightly off balance. I might be paranoid but I believe it to be so.

Hair bands creates an unsightly 'bump' shape at the spot where hair had been tied. I really hate that look and how it feels. Especially since I have wavy hair, keeping my hair in a bun gives my waves extra curves and bounce when it's released. That's way sexier than some weird hair band head bump.

Buns are very secure, when tied and secured properly. Ponytails tend to droop lower and lower while you work out, and tying a tight ponytail not only gives one a headache, but strains and spoils hair as well.

Of course, there are others who might say otherwise. Personal preference.

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