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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For all of you girls out there who just want to look good WITHOUT piling on tons and tons of make-up and hairspray - and to keep from burning too much of your savings. Just do what I do, go low on maintenance.

Let your hair get dirty. I mean it. Washing your hair daily can actually cause more harm than good, in the long run. I usually wait out 2 to 3 days before each wash. I find that dirty hair is amazing because you can literally do whatever you want with it as the natural hair oils changes its structure & capabilities. All you need is a tease-comb and you can sculpt it into anything you want. I would suggest using a dry shampoo in between washes, just to clean out some of the dirt you accumulate from the outdoors. Wash your bangs if you need to.

Did you know that Audrey Hepburn only washed her hair once a week? I don't think I can go on for that long. It's great on those in between days where you don't need to spend that much time in the shower & using the blow-dryer. Plus, if your hair is dyed, the color stays on much longer.

I will always tell my younger sister or cousins to use a toner after you wash your face with a cleanser. Especially in a country as hot as ours, using a toner helps reduce oil production which reduces acne. I also find that it helps my make-up stay on much longer.

I know a lot of girls like myself who can't leave the house without slapping on some make-up. Try reducing the use of make-up when you're just out to hang with friends. Or pick a day (usually Sunday) where you can just laze around in your own home, sans make-up. Your face needs a break once in a while. The only thing I still can't live without is eyeliner. However, I'm toning it down a little and I hardly use foundation anymore unless if I'm attending a really grand event.

I'm really inspired by a shoot Lady Gaga had with Harper's Bazaar (Oct 2011) where she bares it all. None of that icky, over-the-top makeup she usually dons. I'm lovin' her bare.

I learnt just how important sunscreen is - when I had an outbreak of freckles on my face. I never thought that asian skin can be susceptible to freckles, but apparently, it is. Other than freckles, the sun's UV rays may cause your face more damage than you can imagine. So please, use your sunscreen. Even if your foundation states that it contains SPF, use proper face sunscreen nontheless before you apply your foundation. It's better to be safe than sorry.

When you're gonna be out all day long, instead of lugging around a change of clothes (like some girls I know), wear something that's versatile. For example, I find that having a jacket is very important. You can have your cute top, jeans and jacket for your day look and chuck the jacket aside for your evening to night look. You can also wear your hair in a bun during the day, and let it loose for the night. By then, that bun would have created a gorgeous cascade of loose curls, giving your hair extra body.

Another favorite thing I do is to mix and match everything that I have (including some of my sister's clothes :D) and that gives you a new look all the time, despite them all being old clothes. The most versatile pieces that work best when it comes to matching are - jeans, plain belts, plain tops (in any color). Jazz it up with accessories. Also, if you have any old pair of jeans which seems a lil' out of the season's trends (bell bottoms for example) get your sewing kit out and turn them into a pair of sexy cut-off shorts. DIY directions here.

I don't think there's anything else cuter, sassier and more versatile than a pair of cutoff denim shorts. 

So, there's no such thing as CAN'T when it comes to being low-maintenance. It's fun and it gives you a break from having to keep up with mainstream trends. You also learn to develop your own look and who knows, that may lead to something else. :)

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  1. The first two paragraph content is obviously stolen from Jane Aldrigde's Sea of Shoes blog. I used to think that you're better than this Michelle.

  2. They're from an old issue of Vogue to be exact. She tweaked the sentences a little and so did I. I'm not plagiarizing, simply putting together a few bits and pieces that I find true & may be useful to girls around the world. I'm not claiming them as 'mine' or an originality of mine. Nothing's original.

  3. Darling, if you don't claim that it's yours, than I believe credits will be visible in the entry. 

  4. There may not be any credits - but there aren't anything claiming they are mine either. They're just posted as information. Everything here may be copy pasted into a forum or into another blog for the same reason - these are not contents from somebody's thesis but rather, a widely popular fashion mag & fashion blog - both which I absolutely love.


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