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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You heard me right.

So, apparently, beer is considered really great for hair. I've never tried it personally, but some women swear by it. (I wonder if they're the same ones who swear by the theory of drinking beer for larger bosoms) Also, eggs are well known for strengthening hair due to their protein content. But I'd never try it, no matter how good they are, they stink and the smell sticks to hair for days. I'd still prefer the use of avocado as a yummy hair mask.

However, fret not as you are able to enjoy the benefits of soft & strong hair using both beer & egg. I was in the Boots store in Bangkok, Thailand a month ago and I was convinced by a salesgirl to purchase their Beer & Egg Intensive Hair Treatment for Weightless Hair.

It was pretty cheap, about 200 Baht (RM 20) so I thought yeah, why not?

So I've been using it for about 3 months now on a weekly basis. I really like its texture, it's thick, soft and stiff; sort of like batter. It doesn't smell too much of eggs though I can catch a hint of beer. Not my favorite scent in the world but when it washes off, it leaves my hair all silky and smooth, which I love.

It didn't exactly cure my dry hair completely, but it does give it a little more body and shine - plus I find my hair slightly stronger - it doesn't break off too easily while brushing. Usually after I'm done blow-drying/air-drying my hair, I'd slap on some royal jelly to further seal in all that moisture. Working in a 'split-end snipping session' before shampooing and applying this product really helps too.

So, would I go back for this product again? Maybe. Scent is important to me so if I ever find some other product that smells better, I might just move away from this.

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