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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You might remember the delightful little wedding trinkets I've spoken about from jonfactory.com previously.

One thing jonfactory.com is well known for, is to provide premium, dainty and cherishable wedding favors. On your wedding day, when you need that token of appreciation to be handed out to all your loving family and friends, that's when you turn to them for beautifully crafted, quality trinkets at affordable prices to serve as a memoir to all. Beautiful choices to perfect your already perfect wedding day can be viewed here.

Premium wedding favors at uber affordable prices.

As of this moment, you can now be a re-seller for jonfactory.com within their very intricately successful network. You will be assured that the brand has covered a massive area of the available media; from Internet marketing to TV info-mercials. With that as an added advantage for interested re-sellers - you can be certain to find yourself within an expanding and elevating network. Think spider-web. Only, more threads of links, connecting everyone within its network - who knows, this may be the next global outbreak.

For every growing & success-ridden company, it is always a MUST to give back to the community - as a form of thanks for the continuous support given. Such acts of generosity are carried out via corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. Jonfactory.com is actively involved in various community welfare projects - from providing basic supplies to the needy, donations to the elderly home folks and church christenings. The list flows on and the generous team at jonfactory.com is ensuring that with more members partaking in their community, the more good it will bring to the less fortunate. It's very much like a modern day Robin Hood, except that in jonfactory.com's case, it's a win-win for all.

The Holy Rosary Church which was bestowed with a jonfactory.com gift.

Want to get into the spirit of giving and be part of everything I've mentioned above? Head on down and 'LIKE' jonfactory.com's Facebook page and get in with the community on what's brewing. Join in as a reseller and reap the benefits in your pocket, and in your heart.

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