"carpe diem"

Monday, October 08, 2012

Hello, how are you? Sorry for being away for so long, life is pretty sweet but also overwhelming at the same time right now.

I know I've not been blogging from the heart as much as I did back in 2008 (whoa, that was 4 years ago?) The amount of readers that have accumulated over the years makes me a little paranoid about putting too much of myself out there. But on days like today, all I want to do is to just write from my heart - at the moment, I'm all about seizing the day.

Finding the perfect balance between everything in life is a challenge. It's something each and everyone one of us struggle to find; and once we do, most of the time we just allow something else to distract us and consume our time.

For the time being, my game plan is to DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY.

It's something I recently discovered last year (2011) and it's called being happy & loving yourself. You can't truly enjoy life until you are at peace with yourself. Of course, it's not easy to be truly at peace with your inner demons, but I'm talking about at least putting some of those demons to rest. You will have more to battle in years to come.

And well, I have been pretty much happy these days, especially during the last 7 months. However, I try not to depend my happiness on this person - the hardest part is learning how to also be alone & be happy in my aloneness. Of course, having another person to support & love makes things easier. :) Being positive also helps a lot.

Perhaps as 2012 comes towards its end, it's time for us to review the year 2012 - list out all the things we were grateful for, the things we learnt that were hard, and what we strive to achieve in the coming year. (For me, travel is top on the list)

Until then, carpe diem (seize the day).

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