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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Keeping your hair sleek and shiny in this impossible Malaysian weather is just that - impossible. The humidity and the heat is not exactly a great combo for sleek hair. I would know. I've been battling my thick, wavy and damaged hair for years and my tresses are still on the road to recovery.

However, if you have say, 5 types of natural oils on your hands; you might just have the tools to battle frizzy and unruly hair. And what of I told you that this magical, hair saving tool is just within your reach?

How? Well, Sunsilk's new range of products, that's how. Let me first take you on the Sunsilk experience.

I arrived at Croisette Cafe, only to be welcomed with a delicious spread of various hors d'oeuvres, duck salad and a delightful pumpkin reduction. That and a round of introductions amongst our fellow bloggers.

After a delightful & light lunch, we were given our first tasks: making our own natural scrub. The scrubs consists of the 5 essential oils found in Sunsilk's new range.

The recipe for a fabulous & moisturizing scrub:
- raw sugar
- camelia oil
- jojoba oil
- coconut oil
- olive oil
- almond oil

Mix the ingredients above in a ratio of 1 serving spoonful of raw sugar to 2 teaspoons of each oil. The right consistency should be a slightly sandy sort of texture. If it's too wet, add in more raw sugar.

I made this mixture with 3 serving spoons of raw sugar, so that makes 6 teaspoons of each type of oil.

And voila! There you have a great scrub for your skin.

When that's done, we moved on to our second task, which involved tasting 4 different types of oils with breadsticks and guessing which is what.

The four edible oils given were olive oil (which was easy to guess), coconut oil (even easier due to the smell and whitish color), Moroccan argan oil (a bit of a challenge as I've never tasted argan oil) and almond oil (a slight nutty flavor gave it away).

We moved on from that task to a presentation by a special guest stylist, Edmond Voon Wei. He showed us ways to style our hair to match our outfits, color matching our hair to our clothes - using his bunch of trendy selections- from bright neon outfits to edgy studded denims.

That was the close of our short & sweet gathering. Sunsilk generously provided us each a box of their full range of new products and a cute little care package, which I really appreciated.

The full soft & smooth range.

The cute little care package's goodies.

Thank you Sunsilk for a truly fun & amazing time. :) The new range is now available in stores nationwide.

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