"2012 Year in Review"

Monday, December 31, 2012

I don't usually do this, but I have to say that 2012 has been an amazing year for me. Most of it centered around that one special person, but also it's been a great one work-wise and with family and friends. :) Not to mention, the countless weddings I attended.

February 2012 - Beach season (not too sunny, not too rainy)

Kicked off the year with a nice trip to my favorite Malaysian island, Langkawi with my sister. Reasonably cheap booze, cheap but good food, cheap chocolates and beaches swarming with touristy beachgoers. What's not to like? ;)

March 2012 - When Cupid striked

The very month a light beam enters my life and it is forever changed. The moment when a friend becomes something more.

1. Loves & plays ice hockey.
2. Considers ketchup as food.
3. Has an inner 5-year old within.
4. Is a gym junkie.
5. Wants to get inked again.
6. Also loves Chinese food.
7. Uses his lucky number a lot.
8. Eats his meals fast like a starving refugee kid.
9. Forgetful 60% of the time.
10. Addicted to candies.
1. Loves her cat & cats in general.
2. Can sit & draw for hours with good music.
3. Loves body combat.
4. Is a gym junkie.
5. Wants to get inked again.
6. Detests Chinese food.
7. Trying to eat more greens.
8. Loves to cuddle, a lot.
9. Loves attention from her better half.
10. Has the wanderlust bug.

We met in 2007, when he became classmates with my best friend. We were fast friends, and went through the next 5 years dating other people and hanging out when we can. He left for his studies in 2010 for Vancouver and returned late 2011. That's when we started hanging out again and sparks flew, and the rest is history. :)

JULY-NOVEMBER 2012 - A whole series of weddings

A time for meeting new & old friends and giving our hearty cheers & blessings to all the lovely couples that tied the knot. We made another trip to Langkawi for a beach wedding. I think my booze intake has certainly escalated this year, together with my alcohol tolerance.

AUGUST 2012 - A memorable first birthday with my better half

Who can resist a man that cooks your favorite Swedish meal, prepares a night with 5 exciting events and makes a framed photo collage of all your Instagram photos? :)

SEPTEMBER 2012 - Pink Ribbon charity walk

Supporting breast cancer awareness in a charity walk with my very own hand-drawn sign.

OCTOBER 2012 - Birthday boy's turn

A month of shoe closet cleaning and planning a birthday outing for my better half. Sharks and fishes involved, along with some good Italian food.

NOVEMBER 2012 - Graduations, vacations & baby showers

My sister graduated (finally) and we celebrated Sonia's incoming bundle of joy with a blue & yellow themed baby shower. Finally, the highlight of the month was our first trip overseas together; to Bangkok, Thailand. It was an amazing trip, we had so much food and so much fun, despite staying in a haunted hotel.

DECEMBER 2012 - Christmas is here!

One of the best Christmases I've had so far. Hosted a fabulous Christmas party in my home, and Santa came to visit! Had great food feasts with friends and lots of lovely gifts. :) Tis' the season to be jolly indeed.

This pretty much sums up the highlights of my amazing year. I'm looking forward to my 2013, I know it's going to be even better. :) Happy new year everyone!

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