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Friday, February 01, 2013

Photo credit to BudgetBytes

Spicy. Flavorful. Delicious.

The three words that came to mind when I made & tasted this. It's absolutely easy to do, and amazingly delicious. Even my brother who's not a big fan of beef, just loved it. :D It's a recipe that came straight from my favorite food blogger, Beth of BudgetBytes and it's my new favorite thing to make. The only cinch is that this takes about 8 hours to make, but I swear, all that waiting is worth it. I would suggest you make it at night, leave it in the slow cooker for 8 hours while you sleep and it'll be ready by morning.

Eat it with rice, eat it with bread, tastes good either way. I made these and made them into a taco beef burrito. Minimal ingredients and absolutely delicious!

1 piece boneless beef, about 3 lbs
3 tbsp chilli powder
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp salt
5 cloves garlic

Prepare a ziplock bag. Combine the dry spices (chilli powder, oregano, salt, dried pepper flakes) in the bag.

Dice the beef into large chunks and put them into the bag with the spices. Close the bag and give it a shake, ensuring all the spices have coated the beef slices.

Once that is done, peel your garlic and slice them into halves. This is to release some of it's juices for flavor.

Next, pop the coated beef slices into your slow cooker. Make sure they're all side by side and not on top of one another.

Add just enough water into the slow cooker until it just covers the top of the meat. Pop in the garlic.

Secure the lid and leave the slow cooker to cook on low for 8 hours.

If you want to, you can prepare this at night so that while you sleep, the meat will cook and be ready by morning. Otherwise you can opt to only pop them into the slow cooker in the morning and it should be ready by the time you get home from work.


This is how your meat should look like after 8 hours. Most of it will still be in one piece, so use two forks to shred the meat apart. By now they should be very tender and shred easily.

When it's all shredded, scoop out the meat into a bowl.

You can eat it with rice, salad or do what I did, make a burrito.
I added some diced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and sausages with the taco beef in a chive wrap and heated it on a pan for some delicious and hearty burritos. You can also turn them into quesadillas using the same method here.

Happy nomming! :)

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