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Friday, July 19, 2013

“The government should consider enacting laws 
to prevent women from wearing indecent clothing 
to prevent sexual crimes.”
- PAS’ Rantau Panjang member of parliament Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff

See, this is the reason why my country will take forever to move forward. Because of people like her.

What she said, has got to be the most illogical and absurd 'solution' to preventing sex crimes in Malaysia. Why should the women adhere to a dress code that will NOT provoke sexual predators? It's like saying to avoid being robbed, one should not buy expensive things, not drive expensive cars or avoid living in an expensive house. Ridiculous.

First off, we live in a democratic & free country. Wearing short skirts or pants is not a crime.
Moreover with the climate here, it doesn't make sense for us to cover up and bake ourselves under layers of clothing. There is also no law against clothing etiquette, except for Muslim women who are required by Islamic law to cover-up. What about the rest of us? This is a multi-racial country with many different religious practices. Are you trying to enforce YOUR religious beliefs onto others here? Who gives YOU that right?

Why are we conforming to the Talibans where they enforce an 'extreme dress code' to curb crime? Is your mentality still stuck in the stone age? I think it is.

Punish the sex offenders, not the women in our country, idiot.
Women who are victims, are blamed because of how they dress. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? There you have, a whole bunch of prowling, leering sex offenders - and yet you take their side and expect US WOMEN to conform to avoid being victims? Where is the logic in this?

It is an insult to women that you, a woman, thinks that how we choose to dress is ultimately OUR FAULT that made us victims to some disgusting rapist who is unable to control his sexual urges. You're just as disgusting.

Let me tell you this: Sex offenders don't give a shit about how their victims dress.
Please do your research on past cases. Some, if not most of the victims are women dressed in office clothes or in a conservative baju kurung at the time of the crime. Yet they are victimized. This pretty much proves how your argument is totally invalid.

Anything or anyone that serves its purpose to a sex offender, will be his target – be it a woman, a teenager, a child. Dress in shorts or jeans, revealing or not; a target is a target. It's all a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for the poor victim. Point is, enforcing a dress code does not make any difference whatsoever in preventing sexual predators from committing a crime.

Don't waste time urging the government to enforce a dress code on women, use your time and influence to do something useful like raising the level of security in areas that need it.
We lack security in so many areas where crimes could have been prevented. A proper building should have car park security – like actual guards patrolling the area and not just cameras alone. Alleyways and quiet areas should also have some security coverage.

Even better, enforce a much severe punishment onto sex offenders. 
Give them a maximum penalty for their sentence. Whipping? Why not? Deny them porn for the rest of their sorry lives in jail. Death penalties for extreme cases. Let these sex offenders be examples to other sex offenders out there. It might possibly scare them out of being such loathsome animals.

Prevention should be done by educating boys from a young age.
The one thing boys in Malaysia (and pretty much everywhere else) don't learn in school (or at home), is how to treat a woman. If parents and teachers start teaching boys from a young age to respect women, we would probably only have 1 bad apple out of 10, instead of 4 bad apples out of 10.

I also think women like Siti Zailah should think before she speaks, more so since she's an MP. She's able to make a difference in this country if only she uses just a bit of brain power to say the right things. And also get her head out of the stone age era.

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